#1 Staff Favorite

Fuze Card: Your Whole Wallet in One Card

Rummaging through all your cards at the register? Load all your debit, credit, rewards, gift and even gym membership cards into one. The Fuze Card comes with an EMV chip and remote wipe technology, with a display button that lets you easily switch between cards. And if you forget your Fuze card at the store, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

The Empire Sunglasses

The Empire is the perfect pair of Clubmaster-style sunglasses. The frames are crafted from aerospace-grade titanium that’s coated in black armor and designed rear-weighted so the frames won’t fall off your face. The polarizing layers are integrated into the lens itself, so no more peeling tints!

Gather: The Modular Organizer

Organize your workspace clutter with this beautifully designed modular organizer. Gather makes sure all your essential tools are within reach. It adapts to your workflow, incorporating a grid system that lets you customize the trays in hundreds of different ways.

Seed Turntable

Control the tone and volume of your vinyl from your mobile. SEED is an all-in-one turntable system that delivers high-quality sound with a 70-watt output. The wireless integration lets you control the sound from an app, and when you get tired of listening to your vinyl, stream your digital songs.

Smart Belt

Heading to the buffet for lunch? Adjust your belt easily with the Smart Belt. Its automatic buckle comes with 32 size increments so you can feel comfortable throughout the day. Made with a Kevlar core textile, it’s stronger than steel and won’t stretch or tear.

Smacircle S1: The eBike that Fits in Your Backpack

Carry your bike up and down the subway stairs easily with Smacircle S1. It’s an incredibly compact and lightweight e-bike that folds into your backpack in just five steps. The carbon fiber frame weighs just 15.4 lbs, making it ideal for traveling.

NEVA: The Most Affordable 3D Printer Ever

Find 3D printers intimidating to use? NEVA is a 3D printer designed for the average Joe. Just plug in the printer and start creating. It self-calibrates thanks to an auto-leveling module and is the only 3D printer to offer bi-color use.

Sundisc: The Ultra Portable Softbox Reflector

Shrink your photographic lighting gear with Sundisc, a portable softbox and reversible reflector that fits in your pocket. Simply unfold the disc, push in your speed light, and shoot professional quality photos in seconds.

The World's Smallest Garden

Grow fresh herbs year round from a bottle by filling it with water, and putting in a scoopful of The World’s Smallest Garden soil. The soil uses a unique capillary action to lift water up to the seeds, and as the seeds sprout, the roots shoot down the bottle, letting the plant water itself.

Meqnes: Leather Bags

Handcrafted by Moroccan artisans, the Meqnes luxury weekender bag captures traditional craftsmanship but in a timeless design. Made from vegetable-tanned calfskin, each stitch is woven so the bag never loses its shape.

Intrepid 8x10 Camera

Get the genuine photography experience with the Intrepid portable field camera. This slow pace of large format photography lets you connect with your surroundings, as you capture every single tone and detail onto a sheet of 8×10 film.

Roll Player: Monsters & Minions Expansion (+ Reprint)

An abomination is terrorizing villages throughout the kingdom, and you and other fledgling heroes must take up the call to arms. But first, you must train for battle and construct the greatest fantasy character for the ultimate showdown against the monster in Monsters & Minions.

DAN Cases A4-SFX v2: Ultra-Compact SFF Case

DAN’s Gaming Cases are back – and this second generation A4-SFX comes with six improved features. The compact PC case is built with high-end standardized components and powerful full-length GPUs, with optional window kits for both sides.

MIXXTAPE: The Cassette Reinvented

Feeling nostalgic for ’90s mixtapes? The MIXXTAPE is a cassette replica that’s a fully functional music player, with a built-in LCD display, headphone jack, Bluetooth connectivity, and memory card. You can even play your music the old-school way on a tape deck.

BuildOne: $99 3D Printer w/ WiFi and Auto Bed Leveling!

BuildOne makes 3D printing accessible to the masses. It’s affordable and easy-to-use with an auto-calibration setup and auto-leveling sensor for uneven surfaces. And, with a built-in wifi, you can even print from your mobile.