#1 Staff Favorite

G-RO: Backpacks, Office, and Check-In Bags

The new G-RO family of office, backpacks, and check-In companion bags. Increased versatility and unparalleled performance for business travelers and adventurers. All bags come with a TILE Slim Bluetooth Tracker, connecting you to the largest lost-and-found community in the world. The Office and both backpacks will also come with a G-RO 10,000 mAh Power Bank!

Weightless Sitting Posture Cushion

Experience weightless sitting with the most ergonomic cushion EVER. The Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion reduces fatigue, releases stress & pain, and improves your mood. Use it to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain to power through your day.

EOZ Air: True Wireless Earphones

The World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones! Provides high resolution audio with powerful bass, plus super clear and crispy mid-highs! Bluetooth 5.0, and 52 Hours Playtime. Created with a beautiful design, secure fit, and instant bluetooth pairing, along with USB Type C charging!

The Great Map of Movieland

The perfect gift for movie buffs! 1,800+ must-see movies on a beautiful and detailed road map to help you find your way through cinema. The map is so big, you need to see it printed on a giant 36×24″ poster (91x61cm) to enjoy all the details! All posters will be printed in this size on a beautiful matte paper.

The Botanist Watch

The world’s only moss and flower-infused watch! A minimal, unisex timepiece that reminds you to engage with nature to nourish your physical & mental well-being. It’s focus is on the elegant, and minimal design that highlights the beauty of its natural materials.

FitNeck: Posture Fitness

Fix your neck posture and eliminate neck and back pain with this targeted exercise device. Designed in collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, and professional sports team trainers. Strengthens your critical neck muscles to realign your head back over your body.

GoSun: Solar-Powered Cookware

Got clouds and cold weather? No problem. Boil Water and Cook Meals with Solar Power! Breakthrough solar technology that’s fast, reliable and fuel-free. At only 2 lbs (.9kg) in weight. Cooks Most Meals In 20-30 Minutes, has a 14oz /420ml capacity, and stays hot for hours!

Laïka: Interactive Pet Companion

An Interactive Companion for You & Your Dog! Watch, talk, play and reward your dog right from your smartphone no matter where you are. Set to self-play so your pup remains engaged even while you’re occupied, or take the controls so you can play with and reward your dog for good behavior.

AUS-ION: Iron Skillet and Deep Pot

A sturdy and reliable 35cm (14″) iron skillet, and 21cm (8″) deep pot/lid pair cooks anything with Tough Love! Made from a single sheet of Australian iron into one seamless, indestructible piece. This malleable wrought iron won’t crack like cast iron can and at half the weight!

LYS: Light Health Tracker

Feel energized and boost concentration with the first wearable to measure your light diet. Not getting enough light during the day makes you feel lazy and without energy, and too much light in the evening prevents you from a good night’s sleep.

Foldable eScooter

This lightweight electric scooter that folds is designed for modern, mobile individuals who are looking for hassle free transportation. Unfolding/folding in less than 5 seconds and comes in 2 color options, gray and black and at a weight of under 25 pounds (11kg)!

"I'm Back": Vintage Images to Digital

Take beautiful 35mm pictures with your old analog cameras! Get digital images and video with the warm and soft shades of vintage cameras! This “multi-system module” transforms your old analog camera from the the 50s through the 90s to take digital images with 16 megapixel sensor!

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons. In this dark, medieval universe, kings plot for the throne of France, and on the battlefield their heroic knights clash with foes both real and legendary.

Waggit: Wearable Health Tracker

Takes the wristwear of the human health care world and brings it into your dog’s collar. This smart collar tracks your dog’s vitals, activity, location and more. Makes it easy and fun to stay in the know about your dog’s health, and give you peace of mind.

Excavación en Egipto: An Archaeology Film

The Djehuty Project excavates, investigates and restores a collection of tombs from Pharaonic Egypt in ancient Thebes, now Luxor. The 17th archaeological campaign of the Djehuty Project will take place during the months of January and February 2018, and will last six weeks.

"Slings and Arrows" by Michelle Malone

A blues, folk, country tinged album to fortify your spirit. Composed of slide guitar in both acoustic and electric, along with some mandolin and blues harp! Chronicles the artist’s journey between the darkness and the light, and addresses basic emotions with healing and community building.

Treepod: A Spacious Hanging Retreat

Combines the luxury of a cabana with the portability and suspension of a hammock for ultimate relaxation. Comes with a fabric pod, hand strap, frames, quick link, hanging rope and guy-line, so all you’ll need is one tree or durable structure.