#1 Staff Favorite

Jelly: The Smallest 4G Smartphone

Need a smaller, lighter, and more affordable smartphone? Jelly packs all the bells and whistles of a regular smartphone into a tiny handful. Powered by a Android 7.0 nougat, the Jelly supports the ultra-fast 4G network and features plenty of memory space. With dual Nano SIM card slots and 7-day stand-by battery life, it’s perfect for traveling or as a convenient backup phone.

Millo: The World's Smartest Smoothie Maker

Eating healthier just got simpler with the Millo smart smoothie maker. Throw in your ingredients and start blending with the touch controls or the app. What makes this blender truly unique is its magnetic air drive system that powers the blades and eliminates noise.

The Single Edge Razor 2.0

Get the cleanest shave with the Single Edge Razor 2.0 . The single blade is engineered to shave at the surface of your skin and minimize ingrown hairs and irritation from traditional multi-blade razors. The blade doesn’t clog and it’s customizable!


Skip crowded subways and make your daily commute fun with the SPECTRA smart electric skateboard. This smart eBoard is equipped with an ever-learning 3D posture control system, ABS braking, and an interactive app control. The SPECTRA also adapts to your riding style thanks to its built-in pressure and gyro sensors.


Generate your own power with your window blinds. SolarGaps tracks the sun’s movement throughout the day, optimizing its angle to generate the most electricity for your home, saving you up to 70 percent on your electricity bill.


Time your thermostat to shut off at night, or turn on all your lights at the press of a button with NODEZ. This smart home system lets you monitor, automate, and control all of your household electronics through an app.

The Cone by WISKI

Tired of your kitty ruining your sofas? The Cone is an aesthetically pleasing modern scratching post for cats. The tall shape makes it fun for your cat to jump on, and there’s a nap space inside for sleepy kitties.

WOOGIE: Purposeful Playtime Robot

Let your kids discover the world and nurture their curiosity with Woogie, a cute voice-activated AI robot that indulges in all of your child’s questions. The robot engages with your children, encouraging conversation and helps them study with fun games.

Clash of Rage

Elves dominate the world, but rival clans are secretly preparing for battle. Conquer the elven cities and gather the crystals to take back the Emerald Empire in Clash of Rage, a multi-player confrontation game.

Invest in the Nest

Save the African Penguins from extinction by supporting the installation of artificial nests. Over-harvesting of penguin guano (poop) and climate change have left many penguins without a safe home. With your pledge, you’ll help the Association of Zoos & Aquariums place 1,500 nests across South Africa and Namibia.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' 100 Year Art Chronology

Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ lifetime of work in pulp, comics, and novels, comes to life in this 1,200 page, four volume illustrative history. Exclusive to BackerKit newsletter subscribers, get a free hardcover edition of Tarzan of the Apes with your pledge.

Platypod Ultra (+ Multi-Accessory Kit)

Take steady shots on-the-go with this compact camera tripod. Platypod Ultra is the follow-up to the original Pro tripod, built with a sturdier frame, new grip options, and more openings for straps and cords.

Pakems: Ultra-Comfort Packable Shoes

After a gruelling day adventuring, treat your feet with Pakems, compact shoes that provide comfort for your tired feet. Pakems pack flat to a 2-inch profile, and are designed with an EVA outsole and cushioned insole, with a faux-fur inner-lining for ultra-luxury.

X-Connect: Cross-Device Magnetic Adapter

Charge your iPhones and Android devices with just one USB cable. The X-Connect transforms your Micro USB or Type C cable into a compatible magnetic cable. The 18k gold plating and N52 grade neodymium magnets adds style to your speedy charging and data transfer.


In an city thirsty for blood, hold your ground in the ancient arena, and battle the other gladiators to death in Carthage. Win the crowd’s favor and build your armor in this ruthless deck-building board game.