#1 Staff Favorite

Lifepack Hustle: Solar + Anti-Theft Backpack & Shoulder Bag

Lifepack is back! Their third Kickstarter campaign is the Hustle Collection – a backpack and shoulder bag including solar charging and anti-theft lock. Designed to be the perfect mobile office, these bags will help you stay productive on the go! To see the other 7 other features click here!

Prima System: Ultimate Modular Travel Pack

Keep all your stuff secured and organized with the Ultimate Modular Pack. This backpack is chock-full of features like quick-access pockets, tons of compartments, high-performance fabrics, and an expandable design that upgrades storage capacity from 25L to 30L, making it great for weekend getaways.

The EVERGOODS Crossover Backpacks

The casual aesthetic of these 24L and 30L backpacks carry the attention to fit and detail from the apparel world into the equipment world. It’s designed with a rounded shape that allows you to carry more goods for longer on uneven terrain, and made from high-tenacity nylons with balanced weaves for extra strength.

RhinoWolf: All-In-One Attachable Super-Tent

Camping just got simpler with this neat tent that comes with a built-in sleeping bag and insulating air mattress. The RhinoWolf is incredibly light at just 5lbs and super easy to set up with just one pole. It can withstand temperatures as low as -4C, and is rainproof, windproof, and bug-proof. What’s super cool is you can attach your Rhino with other Rhinos to make one giant tent.

The WG Everyday Carry Grill

Fire up a charcoal barbecue out camping or in your backyard with the WG Everyday Carry Grill. This portable stainless steel grill sets up in seconds with a two-part frame and unrolling surface. It’s corrosion-resistant, designed with minimal crevices to prevent bacteria build-up, and has three height configurations.

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3

Summon monsters, recruit cultists, and open inter-dimensional gates as you battle with cosmic rivals for the last piece of the dying Earth. Enter the strategy game of Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3, and reign supreme in this asymmetric playbook, where each faction has their own set of rules for play and victory.

Luxury Watches Made in Germany: Manufaktur Waldhoff

Born by Swiss design with German engineering, these luxury watches are timeless generational pieces. Traditionally handcrafted with high-end mechanical movement, they’re built with no batteries and last over 20 years.

Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock

Turn on your coffee pot from your bed, play your music, or get answers to your existential questions from Alexa with this do-it-all alarm clock. The Sandman Doppler is jam-packed with tons of features including access buttons to control your household devices, stereo speakers, integration with Alexa, six USB ports, and customizable dashboard indicators.

MagC: Resurrected MagSafe with Data

The genius MagSafe design by Steve Jobs is being resurrected. MagC is a magnetic convertor that’s been adapted for modern Apple products. It’s the first to support USB-C connectors, as well as MagSafe and Thunderbolt 3. With one connector and one port, get super-fast data transfer and high-resolution video output.

Raspberry Shake 4D: Detect Earthquakes & “Invisible” Motion!

See earthquakes rolling in from halfway across the globe, fracking in your backyard, and even the cheers at your local soccer game with the Raspberry Shake 4D. This earth-monitoring device is an affordable home-science solution that lets you observe unseen vibrations anywhere in the world.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy: The Ren and Stimpy Story

Ren & Stimpy shocked parents and thrilled kids. Now, in celebration of this 90s Nickelodeon cartoon phenomenon, comes the documentary Happy Happy, Joy Joy. After 25 years, the shows artists, writers, producers, and directors are sharing their stories and never before seen artwork and photos for the first time.

Hand of Glory: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures

These gaming miniatures are designed with a twist. Each Hand of Glory figure and accessory comes magnetized, so you can change your character on the fly! Swap out weapons with allies and steal new ones from foes along your journey.

Dragons Are Awesome (Mermaids Meh)

Wrap your tail around the fantastical art books by Disney artist Brian Kesinger. These two books, Penned Dragons and Inked Tails feature fun and sassy drawings of mermaids and dragons in Kesinger’s classic Disney style. Exclusive add-ons include metal figurines and hand drawn works.

Carnevale: The Miniature Game

Italy has been torn in half and Venice has turned into a city of magic. Vile power oozes from the sky with strange creatures rising from the canals. Try to survive the night as street fights, despicable experiments, and Draculas run wild in this 28mm-scale miniature game Carnevale.

Explorers of the North Sea: Rocks of Ruin

Rumours of shipwrecked cargo and great fortresses spread among the sea captains. Will you set sail to salvage the wrecks or seek fame and charge enemy castles? Choose your battle in this tabletop tile game, Explorers of the North Sea.

Overworld: 6-Bit Tile-Placement & Exploration BoardGame

Discover elusive dungeons and claim your territory as you piece together the Overworld map. Visually inspired by 90s video games, the retro feel of this competitive tile-placement game is complemented by its simplistic play of interlocking tiles and map exploration with Umbird and Ship tokens.