#1 Staff Favorite

Maybe Capital

Do you have the next tech unicorn on your hands? Test your pitching skills in Maybe Capital, a satirical board game about Silicon Valley, where players travel up and down the 101 and compete for funding from VC firms and investors.


Herbert is a hydroponic, vertical farm that allows you to grow fresh, organic produce from home.


This world’s smallest LED flashlight is an everyday essential that can be attached to virtually any object.

Flter: Privacy & Security Router

Flter is an internet router that provides VPN protection, ad-blocking, and Tor anonymity on all your devices.

Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure

A must for any art history buff, Van Gogh comes to life in a 5-inch action figure. Both ears are removable.


Vaquform brings high-end process control fit for engineering labs, design offices, and art studios.

Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitars

The KLOS carbon fibre acoustic electric model prevents against cracks, heat, and humidity without compromising sound quality.

Turn Touch

This remote control connects all your Hue lights, smart devices, and apps in an elegant wood design.


The HEY smart bracelet mimics human touch with a gentle squeeze. A touch on your connected bracelet lets your beloved know you are there for them.

APEX Wallet 2.0

The first all-metal RFID-proof slim wallet comes with two quick-draw thumb slots and stainless steel clip for card retention.

Bicycle Constellation Collection Playing Cards

This deck of cards is the first series printed with a constellation theme. Each deck represents one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

GPD Pocket

This pocket-sized PC crams 8GB of RAM and 128GB ROM into a sleek, compact design. It’s the perfect alternative to a laptop when you’re on the go.

SOSO: Custom-Made Denim

SOSO custom-made denim allows you to design your own one-of-a-kind denim shirts, jackets, chinos, and jeans.

The Orb

This Danish-designed lamp lets you control the intensity, colour, and direction of its lighting to suit any mood.