#1 Staff Favorite

Mini Museum 3

The Mini Museum 3 is a limited-edition collectible like no other. Its unique specimens include Steve Jobs’ turtleneck, a Jurassic tree, and a slice of Charles’ and Diana’s royal wedding cake.


Up your ‘selfly’ game with an autonomous flying phone case camera. Simply detach the camera from your phone, set it in the air, and control it from the app.

Love Letters for My Children

This documentary follows Maggie Doyne, the founder of Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Nepal, through an inspiring story of love and resilience.


This 2-in-1 portable power device runs on solar energy to give you light and charge your phone, and inflates into a waterproof 150-lumen lantern.

The Evergraph

Inspired by the city of San Francisco, this classically designed automatic watch by Xeric is an accessory staple for any wardrobe.


Never lose your wallet again with the EKSTER 2.0, the ultra-slim trackable wallet. Powered by solar energy, the removable tracker card can last a full month with three hours of sunlight.

The Ultimate Titanium "Click" Pen

This ultra-minimalist pen built entirely from titanium is designed to last a lifetime. With no screws or pressed parts, this pen can survive in the toughest of environments.

Moment 2.0

The Moment makes your phone work more like a camera, bringing you the world’s first battery case, a photo case, and a cinema-wide lens for mobile photography.

Munchkin Shakespeare

A play on the classic Munchkin card game, this Shakespeare-themed version brings puns and dramatic betrayal to complement the games’ monster-slaying and backstabbing.


Record your ideas on the go with the Senstone. The wearable voice recorder converts your voice notes into text and organizes them for easy access.


Travel smartly with the carry-on that makes your trip as convenient as possible. The built-in-charger and weight scale makes travel stress-free.


Engineered for gamers, this smartwatch comes with an outstanding processor, display, connectivity, a big battery, and a great OS, with an added MicroSD port.

What We Left Behind

Rediscover Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with What We Left Behind, a documentary that takes a detailed look at how the series became a Star Trek mainstay.

Are You Listening?

Peter Mulvey’s latest record, produced by Ani DiFranco, features rock songs, uptempo folk, and meditative ballads, all encompassing a mood of stillness.