#1 Staff Favorite

Obsidian 3D Printer

Finally, an affordable plug-and-print solution for 3D printing! The Obsidian offers high-quality printing at a low price and runs on non-proprietary firmware. It comes ready out of the box: simply load your filament, plug the power in, and you’re good to go.

ORA: The World’s First Graphene Headphones

Change the way you listen to music with these groundbreaking ORA Headphones. They use nanotechnology and the Nobel-prize winning material graphene to deliver a more realistic listening experience, minimizing distortions and warping while extending battery life.

The Public Radio: The Single Station Radio

Tune into your favorite station without any meddling of nobs. An intentionally stripped-down device, the Public Radio is pre-tuned to a single FM station of your choice, and is designed to fit on top any wide-mouth mason jar, complementing the urbanista home.

The Best Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling

Pack your shampoo, deodorant and toothbrush in this rad Toiletry Bag for Travelers. This sleek bag organizes all your toiletries with multiple mesh and deep pocket options, so you won’t mix up your beard oil with your toothbrush.

HuskeeCup: Waste Made Beautiful

Drink your next brew from these beautiful, eco-friendly cups. HuskeeCups are made entirely from discarded coffee husks and designed to last years, whether used at home or in the cafe. They’re engineered to keep your coffee hotter for longer!

X Suit: The Suit of the Future

Feel comfortable sweating it out in your suit. With an anti-microbial lining and four-way stretch fabric, you can ride to work or dance away without worrying about odor. X Suit reinvents everyday workwear: it’s liquid and stain-repellent, wrinkle-resistant, and comes with 12 pockets.

Science Abridged

In case of an internet doomsday, Science Abridged has you covered. It’s the bible of science, summarizing the history, developments, and insights of all the major fields of science in one handy pocketbook.

WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard

The WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard is an aesthetically pleasing experience, and its software is fully programmable and open source. Customize its hardware from the command line or with its online configurator, and collaborate with an active online community.

Cask: The Insulated Bottle Crafted From Inspiration

Whether your sipping icy cold water or hot coffee, the Cask maintains your liquid’s temperature for up to a full day. The double-wall stainless steel bottle locks in heat for up to 12 hours or keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours.

Fourneau Bread Oven 2.0

Bake beautiful artisanal loaves of bread from your kitchen oven with the Fourneau 2.0. Simply preheat your Fourneau in your oven, put your dough on the baking tray, and slide it inside. The cast iron walls and enclosed cooking space cook the dough evenly and give it a nice golden crust.

Flic Hub: Simplify Home Control with Smart Buttons

Order a taxi or a burrito with a touch on the Flic Hub. Its smart buttons let you shortcut your way through common tasks, letting you control your wifi, Bluetooth, infrared devices and app services without your smartphone.


Get a more personal listening experience with your headphones. Audeara uses your unique hearing profile to adjust sound signals in your ears, tailoring music just for you.

Saga World Builder: Modular Tiles for Tabletop and D&D Games

Create awesome gaming maps for your pen & paper adventures, role-playing or tabletop sessions with Saga World Builder. These large, double-sided modular map tiles feature hundreds of environmental objects, magic items, weapons, decorations, and equipment.

Gold Rush: The Game

Mine for riches in the Alaskan forests in Gold Rush. Dig for gold and beat out other miners by building up your equipment and land claims in this first-ever gold-mining simulation game.


Experience the Bible in a more traditional form. BIBLIOTHECA applies age-old principles of book design, creating a five-volume, typographically minimalist edition of the Bible, printed and bound by German craftsmen.

COVI: Speech-Enabled Light & Open Source Smart Home Hub

Turn on your lights, unlock your door, or play your playlists with COVI. It’s a smart light device that lets you control and automate your home through voice command. It works with Amazon Alexa for all your inquisitive questions.

Faeries of the Faultlines - an art book by Iris Compiet

Adventure into the Faultlines and enter a world of fairies and magic in this imaginative art book. It’s filled with sketches and short stories that will transport you to the Other World, where folklore and legends live.