#1 Staff Favorite

PAQSULE: The Only Bag with Cleaning Technology

With the push of a button, Paqsule uses chemical-free O3 and UV-C technology to deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria, cleaning itself and everything inside.

Hardlight VR Suit

Suit up with the Hardlight VR Suit and feel the thrill of every explosion, gunshot, and sword fight, with over 10 game titles already developed.

lofree: Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

lofree is a retro-designed wireless keyboard, introducing Gateron switches that make it sound like a typewriter.

WASHWOW: Portable Wash & Disinfect Device

WASHWOW  freshens clothes on the go without detergent by using the magic of water electrolysis.

Bellingcat: The Home of Online Investigations

In a world of fake news, support Bellingcat’s efforts to uncover the truth as they train citizen journalists and run an open-source information platform.

Makeblock Neuron: An Electronic Building Block Platform

Makeblock Neuron is an easy-to-use tool for STEM education, enabling creators to turn their ideas into reality.

Eat Offbeat: The Cookbook

Written by refugees, Eat Offbeat shares the stories and recipes of over 20 chefs hailing from 15 countries.

Pebby: The Robotic Pet Sitter

Pebby is the smart collar-and-ball system that lets you track, monitor, and play with your pet from anywhere in the world.


Freestyle Edge: A Split Gaming Keyboard

Designed for gamers, Freestyle Edge is the mechanical keyboard that comes in a versatile split form factor.

Maluna: Premium Coolers

Maluna coolers feature an innovative hinge design, thermometer drain plug, and pressure regulator.

Trioplan 35+ Fine Art Lens

Capture the story in your pictures with the legendary Trioplan “Soap Bubble Bokeh” lens re-created by Meyer-Optiks.

Pine: The Adaptable Adventure Game

On the quest to find a new home for humans, Pine is the game where intricate ecology adapts to your actions and choices.

Nomadic Empires Watch Collection

The Watch Collection brings unique models inspired by the key figures of the Nomadic Empires.

ERGO Posture Transformer

The ERGO perfects your posture by lifting and holding your body in proper spinal alignment while relieving back pain.

Knife Robot: The Auto Knife Sharpener

Built for consumers and professional chefs, Knife Robot sharpens your knifes within five minutes.


Duel in the medieval world of Mordhau and test your skills in this free-flowing combat system.

Rising Sun

Set in feudal Japan, clans in Rising Sun must use politics, strength, and honor to rule the land.