#1 Staff Favorite

Brew a fresh pint from home

The Pico C lets anyone brew five-liter kegs of professional quality craft beer, creating your own custom batch or using ingredient-and-recipe PicoPaks from craft breweries around the world.

The 901 Collection: Made from salvaged Porsche 911’s

Ever dream of owning a Porsche 911? For a fraction of the price, own a piece of one with the 901 Automatic Watch Collection, designed and inspired by the legendary classic.

Empowering Syrian Refugees With Handcrafted Heirloom Rugs

Intricately woven with painstaking detail, one pledge for these exquisite museum-quality rugs employs one refugee for one year in Turkish settlement camps.

Penna: Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Miss that old-school feeling of a mechanical typewriter? Penna recreates the nostalgia with its retro chrome keycaps that can pair to multiple devices via Bluetooth.

Moai: Affordable High-Resolution Laser SLA 3D printer

Get a smooth finish with high-resolution results without breaking the bank. Moai has a class-leading 70 micron laser spot size. Perfect for jewelers, artists, dentists, and makers.

Manta Sleep Mask: Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping

Our lifestyles are hectic. The Manta Sleep Mask ensures you sleep better with a personalized fit that molds to your face.

Mu tag: World's smallest loss prevention device

Afraid of losing your passport or forgetting where you parked? Just attach Mu tag and keep track of your item’s location on your phone.

STUDLACE: Style and Comfort For Your Shoes

Forget the bunny ears. Studlace eliminates the need to tie your shoes with its elastic laces and a swappable stud system that lets you personalize your shoes with a range of colors to choose from.

Tapdo: World's Smallest Remote for Everything

 Tapdo lets you control your home devices using your fingerprints, transforming your hand into the ultimate remote control.

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast has been producing top-quality gaming reviews and entertainment. Now they want to re-double their efforts to deliver more content in 2017.

The Power Packer

Out and about and untangling all your wires? The Power Packer organizes all your power and tech essentials in a slim pack, letting you travel like a pro.

NEBBY: Rick Sebak's Tales of Greater Pittsburgh

Get a taste for the real Pittsburgh and help Rick Sebak produce Nebby, a set of six public television programs showcasing the best of the city.

Premium, Hand-Assembled Watch: The Eagle

The Eagle is a slice of luxury at a fair price. Inspired by the fighter pilots of WW2, the watch features a domed sapphire crystal and stainless steel casing.

W.A.Dwiggins: A Life in Design

Enter the world of W.A. Dwiggins, one of the most innovative designers of the early twentieth century, in this biographical account of his legacy.

SwitchCharge: A Battery Case For Nintendo Switch

Running out of battery in the middle of a game is a constant worry. SwitchCharge gives you 12 additional hours and an improved kickstand with two game card slots.

The City of Kings: A Cooperative Adventure

Reclaim the realms and defeat the armies of Vesh, exploring and battling with the other surviving leaders as you navigate a series of seven storylines.


André Kajlich has been training to be the first solo hand-cyclist to cross the Race Across America finish line. Joyrider is the documentary that wants to capture his journey.

Prometheus Kappa Keychain Quick Release

Digging in your bag to find all your different keys? The Kappa QR provides quick, secure access to these items with its detachable design.

Hardback: The 'Pre-Quill' to Paperback

Write your way to victory as a 19th-century author in Hardback. Compete to build the best deck of letters and finish your bestseller for the title of finest novelist.

Cabuya Casting Handlines: Fishing Made Simple

Whether you pack, paddle, or prep, you’ll always be ready to fish. Cabuya is a compact casting reel for handline fishing.

Rise to Nobility

A fragile peace has been brokered between the Five Realms in the walled city of Caveborn, and you must Rise to Nobility from the anonymity of landowner to lord.

Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

Test your tactical combat skills as a wandering adventurer traveling to the dark corner of the world, clearing out menacing dungeons and ruins in this upgraded edition of Gloomhaven.

Sinister Deck: The Left-Handed Card Deck With Famous Lefties

Lefties are always overlooked in this right-handed world, but Sinister Deck is designed with card indicators on the opposite side so you can fan the cards left-handed.