#1 Staff Favorite

Powerup DART

Do cool tricks with an awesome paper plane jet you fold yourself. Loop, flip and barrel roll with tiny smart paper airplanes designed to do a variety of mind-blowing aerobatics.

Legion Solar 2 - Energy Made Simple

Do-it-yourself solar installs in minutes, delivers instant results, pays for itself 3x faster than traditional systems.

Sculpto+: The world's most user-friendly desktop 3D printer

Sculpto+ is a compact desktop 3D printer and app-based software that makes 3D printing more accessible than ever before. Compact design and the built-in handle for mobile creativity!

VR Headset with HI-FI Audio- Model A

Affordable VR System with integrated free app, fits most smartphones, crushproof, modular, customizable and lightweight foam body. Supported by beautiful high-fidelity audio.

The BitzBlade 2.0 - The Last Multi-Tool You'll Ever Need

26 features packed into a sleek design ready for your everyday carry adventures. Your go-to EDC tool that incorporates as many useful and commonly used features as possible.

"Yahooty Who"?: An Illustrated Participa-STORY

100% cute & mischievous characters teach children to think about & investigate the world around them. If you’re gifting the box, you’ll be putting a big smile on someone’s face.

Misen Cookware

Incredible Cookware at an Honest Price. Featuring 3.0 millimeter thick, 5-ply stainless steel. Finally, premium cookware is available at an honest price

Silk’n Lipo - 1st PROVEN Targeted Fat-Reduction- IGG

Use for just 15 minutes a day on targeted areas will reduce stubborn fat, and strengthen underlying muscles. Results for a slimmer and more toned body

Niche Zero: The best conical burr coffee grinder

The best conical burr coffee grinder. Our game changing grinder, with virtually no retained grind, for third wave and speciality coffee.

SpaceTime Coordinates Color Art Prints

Celebrate the most important date in your life! Discover your personal Solar System, custom made from your chosen date and NASA data.

SnuggPlug 3.0 - Smart&Slim Multi USB Wall Charger

Can a wall plug be smart, dynamic, and compact while conserving energy, saving you space and money? YES It Can. Meet the the most comfortable, ideal design that would do just that and fit snugg into the wall!

Smart Temperature Adjustable & Preservable Mug

Keep your beverages at the temperture you want up to 12 hours. An elegant design that also reminds you to consume a sufficient amount of water everyday.

Blind Engine : Make a smart motorized blind

A device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone. Transform your blinds into smart blinds at an affordable price!

KIWI P1: World’s most compact laser distance meter

Petite, precise, and undoubtedly powerful. Make lives easier for those who need to accurately and quickly measure items on a daily basis.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Shoes

Building this shoe in the colors of the American and Texas flags with 100% of the profits going to Hurricane Harvey Survivors. 100% of the profits from each shoe will be donated to fund food, mattresses, pillows, and clean sheets for the hurricane survivors.

Agua de Luna - Sustainable Design

This project works to better the quality of life for women in vulnerable conditions by creating job opportunities through sustainable designs of textile products. The project was born thanks to the belief and yearning to be a positive change in Mexico.

The Montessori Toddler, by Simone Davies

Learn to understand your toddler better. Raise a curious yet responsible human being. Bring back some calm to your home. Your comprehensive guide to raising toddlers in a Montessori way.