#1 Staff Favorite

Resident Evil™ 2 - The Board Game

Designed specifically for the Resident Evil™ universe, this is a strategic game of co-operative survival horror for 1-4 players. Choose from familiar characters before venturing into the zombie-infested streets and buildings of Raccoon City in a desperate fight to escape the nightmare! World-class miniatures and innovative new mechanics help deliver an experience that captures the essence of the much-loved original video games while offering new twists and turns. 20+ hours of gameplay that provides a terrifying and immersive experience.

Zero Gravity Upright Posture

Experience weightless sitting with the most ergonomic cushion EVER. This product releases sitting stress & slumping stress on your spine and hips, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain to power through your day.

Convertible Tote Bag & Backpack

Convertible tote bags and backpacks. Space-saving and convenient – these products can be easily folded into a pouch and tucked away into a pocket or an existing bag. Light-weight, High-quality , and Durable! When expanded, these bags can expand to full-size to carry all your belongings.

GoPUCC Canteen

World’s first collapsible multipurpose shaker bottle designed to accommodate all hot and cold beverages including protein shakes! A durable, military-grade bottle you can carry with you everywhere. Take this bottle camping, eat soups/ oatmeal/ cereal out of it. You name it!

Minimal Mechanical Pencil 2.0

Upgraded with a solid metal interchangeable mechanism and the ability to swap your lead size to fit any project. A custom designed 100% metal internal mechanism (no plastic parts) Material options are: titanium, copper, bronze and stainless steel . Lead options are 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm

Mu Connect Universal Magnetic Cable

MuConnect 2.0 provides users with faster, safer and convenient charging experience. Charges devices up to 2x faster when charging from laptops and other USB hubs. Magnetic connector and Pin snaps the cable and keeps your phone safe. Data protection keeps phones safe from hacking when charging from public USB hubs and chargers.

TRAKTOR Magnetic Wood

Solid wood, hand cut and designed to get you organized in just a snap. A solution to the smallest home problems. It is designed to give your keys, your kitchenware or just about any other metal utensils a pinpointed place.

HOPii: Your Personal Micro-Brewery

Brew craft beers from your favorite breweries with the touch of a button and drink at its freshest taste ever! This device is the only unit that can actually improve upon the taste deficiencies from bottled beer, and accurately recreate to a breweries exact specification for taste & quality.

Rolly Crump Art Book

Explore human imagination through an art book by legendary theme park designer Rolly Crump as part of Kickstarter’s Projects of Earth. The glorious, glossy, full-color sourcebook for exploring Rolly Crump’s 80+ years of creativity. Page after page of artistic magic.

DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs

DRAGONLOCK™ is a 3D printable snap-link dungeon and outdoor terrain system for RPGs and wargames. An interlocking terrain system that allows you to create fully modular, multi-level 28mm scale village terrain for your RPG or wargame on your home 3D printer.

Moment Drone: Foldable 4K Aerial Camera

Safest 4K Camera Drone with auto-tracking and image stabilization. Capture your best moments! Features high-performance camera that delivers 4K UHD 25fps video and 12-megapixel images. The Moment will become your personal Self-Flying photographer!

Forbidden Lands Openworld Fantasy RPG

Retro open-world fantasy RPG by the grand masters of Nordic roleplaying, based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero game system. The player characters are not heroes sent on missions dictated by others – instead, they are raiders and rogues bent on making their own mark on a cursed world.

WT2 Real-time Earphone Translator

World’s first 1+2 earphone translator for face-to-face bilingual conversations. Conversations between different languages are enabled by two earphone translators and one app. Each person wears one earphone – you speak in your language, they hear in theirs.

RevolCam Multi-Lens for Smartphones

The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones. With three high quality camera lenses, an adjustable brightness LED and Selfie Mirror, RevolCam is smartphone photography reinvented. The compact, easy to use design fits on any smartphone, giving you many creative options.

Woobo: A Smart Companion for Curious Kids

The Talking Robot Inspiring Curious Kids to Explore. A smart educational companion who answers questions and inspires kids to learn new things everyday. Kids can ask Woobo about things they wonder and Woobo responds in a kid-friendly way to encourage more exploration.

SightSaver Computer Glasses

Scientifically Proven MELANEYE Protects Your Eyesight From Harm. Natural melanin is the body’s protection against harmful rays, and we cumulatively lose it as we age. As it is lost, it needs replacement – hence the use of these synthetic melanin lenses to compensate.

The Last Unicorn: Tarot & Oracle Deck

A tarot deck based on the favorite film, The Last Unicorn. An incredible film that gripped the minds and hearts of all who grew up with it. It’s time for our generation to celebrate the greatness of The Last Unicorn, and for the new generations to learn what all the fuss is about.