#1 Staff Favorite

The Slim Wallet : The Thinnest Luxury Bifold

Design doesn’t have to compromise function. Slim Collections, the creator and designer of this project, have always been to create products that solve simple problems. The Slim Wallet provides a ultra thin form for cash, cards and coins. Made from the same Premium Calfskin Leather as top-tier brands – including RFID protection inline.

Adv3nture Jackets with 23+ Features!

Premium garments that are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure that they are durable and comfortable and enhance your journey. They’ll be the perfect companion on your trip, but are destined to be your go-to jackets for every day use.

Seize the Bean: Deck-building Game

Players compete to get the most good reviews by the end of the game. They do so by successfully serving customers in their line. By looking for opportunities in the ever-changing city, the players can take the right products and upgrades and build up their shop and clientele to victory.

The Dice Tower 2018

This independent tabletop show has a goal of covering the entire world of board games. These board game enthusiasts are dedicated to keeping the show and videos free for download and viewing, and appreciate those who join in that goal.

IQ BAR: Delicious Brain Food To Go!

IQ Bars are low in net carbs (~8g/bar), high in healthy fats, and packed with 5 brain-critical nutrients. Ingredient list is short, and contains 100% all-natural inputs. IQ Bars comply with vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, low-carb, and kosher diets, and have ZERO grains, gluten, GMO’s, dairy, soy, or added sugar.

Sidecar Astronauts: Debut Album

Debut album of the band Sidecar Astronauts—catchy, fun and thoughtful PowerGum music (power-pop-bubblegum) by Storm DiCostanzo. The music is fun, hopeful and energetic, with catchy melodies and harmonies, and plenty of clever wordplay. Audio bacon for your ears and soul.

Ink The Planets - Make 100

Explore our planets through art in these beautiful, limited edition posters. The stars draw our gaze, the swirling orbits of other planets pique our curiosities and our mind spins in kind – pondering, wondering, and writing unwritten stories.

GroBox One: The Best Indoor Garden

Save up to 28% off retail on early Kickstarter pledges! Change how you think about plants: where it comes from, how it’s grown, and what goes into it. This indoor greenhouse makes it easier for people to grow your own plants, on their own time, anywhere, any season.

TOKYO SERIES: By Dark Flight Games

Catch this crowd-favorite series of 12 games, all based on real world simulations of the beautiful and overlooked life in Tokyo, Japan. Every game can be played stand alone, in series (adding end game scores), or integrated with 1 or more other TOKYO titles for an expanded new experience!

BlazePod: Supercharge Your Workouts

BlazePod is a whole new attitude towards exercise. It enhances your workouts by using visual cues and prompts to challenge your speed and reaction times. Run through different training modules and measure your performance down to the millisecond.

Galaxy of Trian: New Order

Massively popular tile laying game with a science-fiction theme- now taking preorders! Players are commanding unique races and are exploring different parts of the galaxy. Their aim is to take control of a powerful technology which was left behind by the unequaled Trian race.