#1 Staff Favorite

Sonnet: World's Most Advanced Off-Grid Mobile Mesh Network

Travelling through the Amazon and need to text? With the Sonnet, you can send texts, voice recordings, images and GPS locations without access to cellular towers, WiFi, and satellite. This wireless communication device uses long-range radio frequency to connect you with other Sonnet users within a 5km range, and it can relay data even further across a Sonnet mesh network.

Public Goods: Revolutionizing Household Products

Natural household products just got more affordable with the Public Goods line. With a mission to make healthy home essentials accessible to the masses, you’ll get access to premium goods with zero markups! With a small membership fee, get vegan-friendly toothpaste and sunscreen at a fraction of retail cost.

Cubetto: Coding Without Screens for Ages 3 and Up

Get your pre-school kids into coding with Cubetto. This wooden robot lets children learn and explore real programming through storytelling and hands-on play. Montessori-approved, kids use coding blocks to write programs and navigate their Cubetto robot across an adventure map.

The Chameleon Pack

Take in the views on your next hike, and relax in an ultra-light chair that unfolds from your backpack. The Chameleon Pack unzips with a collapsible chair frame inside, with two removable 16L stuff sacks to hold all your gear.


Voyager is the smart light solution for photographers and videographers alike, combining your light source with a built-in-battery and remote controller. The innovation comes with its easy to use animation and control software, letting you customize the light’s color and brightness via app, and you can use it underwater.

Hair Love: Animated Short Film

Stephen is attempting to do his daughter’s hair for the first time, but Zuri’s hair has a mind of its own. With a culturally mainstream narrative that under-represents natural African-American hair, Hair Love promotes a positive image of black fathers and their daughters while encouraging self-love.

Shapeshifter: The World's First Shape-Able Stiff Brim Sunhat

Traditional sunhats are floppy and lose their shape over time unlike the Shapeshifter. This sunhat keeps you protected from sunburns and downpours with a stiff wide-brim, and it’s bendable so you can fold it in your pocket.


Take high-definition videos from this incredibly small micro-drone. The SMAO is a few inches long and weighs just 40g. It’s packed with performance functions, including a high-precision controller connected to your smartphone, and an indestructible body that’s proven to stay intact after thousands of crashes.

Versatile Hat with Bone Conduction Technology

Headphones can be an annoyance with tangled wires and uncomfortable earbuds, but the ZEROI baseball cap lets you enjoy music or take a call with just your cap! Bone conduction technology sends vibrations into the skull and into your eardrums, and it’s all controlled from your rim.

Hideout Pack: The Everyday Commute, Carry, Travel Backpack

This everyday backpack blends classic design with tons of modern features. The Hideout Pack is super versatile with its various compartments, including a fleece-lined sunglass case, quick-access pockets, a hidden passport pocket, and internal organization system, fabricated with ballistic nylon.

Tülry: The World's First Glamour Utility Necklace

Tighten your bolts on-the-go with this concealing utility necklace. The Tülry is designed with 16 built-in-tools, including Hex and Philip heads, and a quick-release mechanism, all plated in gold or polished steel for a gorgeous finish.

Taskin Kube: The Duffel, Done Right.

The clean lines and precision construction of the Taskin Kube makes this the perfect duffel bag for the minimalist. The zippers glide open from side to side to give full access to the interior, with a vented shoe cubby and packing cubes.

DC-Tri: The First Truly Universal Stand-Up Electric Trike

Zip the streets with this fun tri-commuter electric trike. Battery-powered on green energy, DC-Tri travels up to 30 miles on one charge at top speeds of 15 mph. An LCD screen lets you track your trip and easily switch between 5 speed levels.

FODI: The Flat Multi-Purpose Origami Stand

Need a quick and easy stand for your electronic devices? FODI is a multi-purpose origami structure that can hold your mobile, laptop, and books to give you a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Duo Slim iPhone Case with Hi-Fi Speaker & Battery

Turn your iPhone into a Hi-Fi speaker system with the Duo Slim Case. The case delivers full-range 3-watt speakers, and comes with an extra battery, an audio jack, and lightening charge port, letting you refuel both your case and iPhone at the same time.


In a dystopian future, play as a hacker fighting to bring down Super-Massive Computers in Renegade, a solo/co-operative cyberpunk deck-building game for 1 to 4 players. Use your skills and strategy to employ informational, destructive and deceptive attacks to save humanity!

ZING Night Light

Afraid of the dark? The ZING is a full color smart LED night light. It detects and alerts for motion at night, so you can keep track of the sleepwalkers in your family. And it works with Alexa and Google Assistant.