#1 Staff Favorite

Sunrise Smart Pillow: Future of Sleep Technology

Feel less groggy in the mornings with the Sunrise Smart Pillow. The gently rising light starts an invigorating chain reaction, telling your body to produce energy hormones and mimics a natural wake-up process. If you missed out on backing it on Kickstarter, it’s now available on Indiegogo InDemand. So cool we had to feature it twice!

Bobby Bizz: A Business Briefcase and Backpack

If you’re traveling or commuting, keep your stuff secure with the Bobby Bizz anti-theft backpack. The Bobby is designed with hidden zippers and a knife-proof inner layer and transforms from backpack to briefcase in seconds. Grabbing a coffee at the cafe? Use its integrated steel wire and lock your bag to the table for extra security.

Turing Tumble: Gaming on a Mechanical Computer

Discover how computers work alongside your kids. The Turing Tumble lets players build mechanical computers that are powered on marbles to solve logical puzzles. The game builds fundamental coding concepts by showing kids first-hand how computers behave without electronics.

BiTool 2.0 Lit: A Universal Multi-Tool

Carry a toolbox in your pocket with the BiTool 2.0 Lit. This universal mini multi-tool comes with 10 bits that easily attach to the magnetic head, featuring an 180-degree rotating ratchet wrench and handy flashlight.

Zenbivy Bed: A Backcountry Sleeping Bag

Sleep wherever you want, in whichever position you want, with this freestyle backcountry sleeping bag. The Zenbivy Bed brings the weight and warmth of a mummy bag with the ability to sleep like you do at home. It combines a backpacking quilt with a fitted sheet and hood that zips into place on top of the quilt.

Ahead: Turn Any Helmet Into A Smart Helmet

Talk to Siri or make a call while you’re cruising on your bike with Ahead. This smart gadget attaches to your helmet, letting you stay connected to your phone hands-free and headphone-free. Its clear voice capture technology means you’ll be heard clearly – even on the noisiest city streets.

Bean 3D Printer: The Ultimate Consumer SLA 3D Printer

Watch your designs come to life with the Bean high-performance 3D printer. It’s super easy to use: just pour in the provided high-resolution resin and press print. Its wifi capacity gives you the freedom to control the printer from your mobile.

Flash: The Bike Evolved

Bike up those tough hills at ease with the electric Flash Bike. The pedal assist applies power as you pedal, giving top speeds of 28mph and up to 50 miles on a single charge. Built-in security and safety features like automatic brake lights, turn signals, and GPS tracking give you peace of mind.

Sound Heroes: Bluetooth Speaker of the Future

An alien from another universe or a Bluetooth speaker? The futuristic Sound Heroes is a cleverly designed speaker system and a work of art. It’s also a wireless charging dock for your mobile and a party machine, letting you set the mood with ambient lighting and a smoke machine.

Kiddo: Stay Connected To Your Child's Wellbeing

Is your kid getting enough exercise or veggies in their diet? Put these worries to rest with the Kiddo, a smart wearable wristband that monitors your child’s health, activity, and sleep levels, sending you daily insights via a connected app. It comes with built-in interactive games, so it’s also fun for kids.

Xchime Video Doorbell & Motion Detect Smart Alerts

Waiting for a package but need to run errands? With Xchime’s 1080p HD live video camera, you can speak to your mailman or front-door visitors from anywhere with your mobile, tablet, or PC.

HYPAR Smart Boat

Transform your kayak into a rowing, sailing or even a solar-powered motor boat. The HYPAR Smart Boat is built with an innovative hull shape that ensures speed and stability, and its folding design converts to a backpack in minutes for easy transportation.

Wopilo: A Pillow That Will Change Your Nights

Pamper your neck with this ergonomically designed Wopilo pillow. The pillow combines a memory foam core enveloped with two different pockets of fluffy micro-fibres, so you can choose between a soft or firm comfort level.

BIKI: First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

Capture the underwater world with BIKI, a bionic wireless underwater fish drone. The 4K HD video camera dives deep, reaching depths of up to 196 feet, and its suspension capabilities let you swim freely while shooting 120 minutes of sea life.

REVOQ: The All-In-One Multi-Functional Fidget Spinner

REVOQ isn’t your ordinary fidget spinner. It combines spinning with the features traditionally found on a fidget cube. Along with lengthy spinning times of 4 to 6 minutes, you can also roll and click the steel balls and flick four switches, simulating a clicker pen experience.

UP Core

Turn your ideas into products with the world’s smallest x86 single board computer. The UP Core weighs just 40 grams and comes with an Intel QuadCore processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space, as well as stackable expansion boards. It’s strong enough to run Linux, Android, and Windows operating systems.

PFx Brick: Special Fx for LEGO® Creations

For Lego fans, PFx Brick is the ultimate device: it transforms your creations with endless light and sound possibilities. Customize how your PFx brick responds to remote control actions with the app and watch your Legos come to life!