#1 Staff Favorite

The Botanist Watch

Elevate the everyday with a minimal, unisex timepiece that reminds you to engage with nature to nourish your physical & mental well-being.

Sega DreamCast Collected Works

A richly illustrated history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with Sega. Offering unprecedented insight into the creation of the Dreamcast console and its celebrated library of games.

Art of the Patent Playing Cards

Celebrate over 200 years of the most famous and bizarre patent artwork through playing cards! Each includes an amazing illustration and information about the invention, including the inventor’s name, the patent title, the patent date, and the patent number

Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes. The game will be a new approach to point-and-click adventures, filled with dark comedy, drama, weirdness, and an apocalypse in the suburbs.

The Anabella

A milk pumping device which gets almost all available breast milk, by imitating the muscle system of a baby’s mouth. Pumping device for breast milk imitating a real suction of a baby.

Potato Pirates Coding Card Game

Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends. 10 hours worth of programming concepts in 30 minutes, all without a computer!

Ukiyo-e Heroes Boss Fights

Handmade Japanese prints. Traditional craftsmanship. Modern game parody. A growing team of carvers and printers in Dave’s Tokyo workshop works on these prints daily.

Zero Gravity Magnetic Miniatures

An innovative 3D arena with 80+ magnetic miniatures. A capture-the-flag game for 2-4 players with a fresh and unique game play. Redefining the concept of strategy with a fresh and incredible 3D environment!

Consentacle Card Game

Consentacle is a game where you and a partner help a tentacled alien and a curious human have a mutually satisfying romantic encounter. You and a partner squirm your way to a mutually satisfying Human x Alien romance… with or without the benefit of verbal communication!

"Almost True" Photo Book

Thirty years in the making, but covering just a few seconds in real time, Almost True is Steven Bollman’s highly anticipated new book. The diverse images included in Almost True were taken in Cuba during Fidel Castro’s time, at religious processions in Sicily, and during the elections in Haiti in 1987.

"The Haunted Swordsman" Puppet Film

In this handcrafted epic puppet film, a lone samurai and his odd companion, a cursed severed head, seek vengeance in a haunted world. A gothic horror adventure told with groundbreaking puppetry and innovative practical effects.

Nomad Notebooks

Innovative notebooks feature different types of paper, colors and textures where you can explore your ideas! You can explore your ideas across multiple surfaces—all inside one notebook!

The Planets: Mercury

A deck of Stellar Playing Cards — Vanda Artists Series designed by Srdjan Vidakovic. A collection of decks representing the planets in our solar system, starting closest to the sun and moving outwards into the surrounding universe.

ExoLife Finder

We’re building a revolutionary telescope capable of finding life on nearby exoplanets. Check out our new Cosmic Lights gifts! Highly specialized to see exoplanets up to 120 trillion miles (24 light years) away from Earth

"Rise and Shine" a Children's Book

A book calling to our children, and to all of us, to create change and illuminate goodness. Simple, powerful words wind their way through vibrant and enchanting images