#1 Staff Favorite

The Gamefolio System 2.0

Protect, Store, Travel, Play! The Gamefolio System 2.0 is an adaptable, intelligent, purpose-built system of bags, cases, and accessories for gaming enthusiasts. Works with tabletop games, board games, card games, miniatures games, dice games, RPGs, and more! Perfect for gaming on the go and will take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

G-RO Companion Bags and Luggage

Increased versatility and performance for business travelers and adventurers. All bags come with a TILE Slim Bluetooth Tracker, connecting you to the largest lost-and-found community in the world. The Office and both backpacks will also come with a G-RO 10,000 mAh Power Bank!

milKit Tubeless Booster

Replaces a compressor, and is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use. Tested thoroughly to withstand 7X the amount of maximum pressure listed. Also comes with a robust drinking bottle with an additional adapter, tube, and bite valve so you have a complete drinking system ready.

FitOn Smartwatch

The World’s First Blood Oxygen Saturation Smartwatch that tracks your vital sign and wellness. Also functions as a Fitness Tracker, and Personal Health Guide. Water resistance rating of 50 meters (IP68). Efficiently schedule their daily exercises like swimming, climbing, diving, etc.

HURU Water-Resistant Backpack

Premium quality, expandable, water-resistant backpack. Built-in waist bag and rain hood, with a lifetime warranty. Can also be transformed into a detachable waist bag. Just take it off, put your wallet, bank cards, phone, keys and other valuables in it for out and about security, safety, and convenience.

With Drawn Arms: Artistic Tribute

A Collaborative Project for Social Justice and to create a new artwork for exhibition for 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist Tommie Smith. Embark on the exhibition’s collaborative, animated drawing project that will be created within several communities during a multi-city tour.

VIITA Smartwatch

AI Wearable Fitness Coach that can manage stress & live healthier with personalized workouts, dehydration tracking, and a 4 week battery. Challenge yourself during a workout with VIITA Active or track your overall health, and an everyday look with VIITA Casual.

PocketDefi Defibrillator

With a size of only 5 x 8 x 10cm, PocketDefi is about 75% smaller than conventional defibrillators. Always handy in your backpack or in your pocket, and always ready to save lives. The clearly designed software of the device and app can also check if a shock is necessary to help further remedy.

LoveBox Messenger Gift

The perfect gift to any of your loved ones to send simple love messages. When you send a message, the heart spins until they open the lid and discover your message inside. Send text messages up to 168 characters, send stickers, and connect up to 20 users to a LoveBox at a time.

DWISS R1: Finely Crafted, Swiss Designed

The ultimate Swiss Made watch collection for every watch enthusiast with augmented reality! The models available are the DWISS RC1, a classic looking model with a centralized hour disc at the 12 o’clock mark, and the DWISS RS1, a sporty collection that uses the DWISS signature time reading system.

Unruly Splats: STEM Coding Game

Programmable light-up buttons that kids can run around and jump on to play active games! Project-based learning, invention, computer programming, energetic physical activity, and social interaction all come together to build critical STEM / STEAM skills and have a blast at the same time.

The Hobby Holder for Miniatures Painting

A Better Way to Paint Miniatures! All-in-one holder and grip for miniature painting, sculpting, model building and more. Improve technique and get to your game faster. Accepts 28mm plastic bottle caps and other popular painting base options.

Fashion with the European Flag

Clothing with a statement: unity over division, future over past, love over hate!​ A collection for every age, taste and occasion. Sometimes a bold statement, sometimes more subtle. The goal is for fashion with the European flag in stores all over the continent or the globe. Accessible to all.

Blinq Smart Jewelry

World’s 1st Fine Jewelry Wearables! Fine jewelry that keeps you connected with Notification Alerts, Fit Tracking and a built in Panic Button S.O.S. Removes the need to constantly check your phone, allowing you to be more present in your day-to-day life.

PrintDry Filament Container

An airtight filament storage solution that keeps your filament dry for 3D printing. Leaving your filament spools unprotected will make it absorb moisture in the air and reduce its printability. This product keeps your filaments safe and stored in a dry environment to ensure a longer shelf life!

Cubroid Coding Block

Learn how to program in a new and fun way! Teach kids coding to get them feeling creative! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! Functions via wireless communication, which makes it possible for users to code in numerous combinations.

Leverpresso Portable Coffee Maker

All in One Portable Lever Espresso Maker! Inspired by classical hand operated lever machines, that allows you to make café-quality espressos, using your own recipes. Small, compact, and easy to use build that allows you to make your personal café-quality coffee anywhere.