#1 Staff Favorite

The Heritage Boot

From city sidewalks to mountain trails, the Heritage Boot is perfect for all occasions. Made from waxed, waterproof full-grain leather with a lugged rubber outsole, it’s durable for long hikes and aesthetically pleasing for everyday wear.

ChefsTalk Knife powered by Germancut

How do you build the perfect chef’s knife? By forging the blade from 60 layers of Damascus steel, and crafting a handle from the finest olive and walnut wood.

Steve Lichman: Volume 2

If you’re into monsters, this 400-page hardcover book is full of them. Join dreadlord and dungeon-dwelling Steve Lichman and his monster friends as they deal with issues of abandonment and alcoholism.

Como Audio Amico: Smart Speaker System

Stream your music from the battery-powered Amico, the all-in-one portable sound system that works without a connected smartphone. The device comes with multiple listening options, and lets you play saved presets with the touch of a button.

Specter Sunglasses

Specter Sunglasses are handcrafted sunglasses with a difference. Their signature Blackout Lenses combine a UV light-adaptive layer with a smoke tint, giving your specs a distinctive, rich hue whether you’re wearing them inside or in direct sunlight.

The World's Fastest

For these racing pioneers, age is nothing but a number. This documentary follows a group of 80-year-old men as they build rocket-like vehicles in their garages, in what may be their last race across Bonneville’s salt flats.

Zombie Tsunami: The Board Game

Lead a horde of zombies across the city and keep them safe from moving cars. Zombie Tsunami is a quick dice and card game where players strategize together to get ahead of their enemies.

Fidget in Style with INFINITY CUBE

Take a mental break from work and play around with the Infinity Cube. Fidget like a boss and feel instant relief from stress and anxiety.

FilmLab: An App for Viewing and Digitizing Analog Film

Get a real-time preview of your print negatives in full color with FilmLab. Its smartphone app makes it easier than ever to scan, process, and share your analog film and slides.

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game

Anna’s been murdered in the mysterious town of Greenvale. You and the other detectives must investigate the crime and try to find the killer that lurks in your ranks. Solve the mystery in this video-game based board game Deadly Premonition.

The Beyond Anthology 2 + The Beyond Anthology 1 Reprint

Post-apocalyptic bicycle gangs, reclusive monster boyfriends, and mysterious sewer-dwelling mermaids are just some of the characters you’ll find in Beyond Anthology, a black-and-white queer comic book.

Sine Tempore

After finding the perfect planet for colonization, your crew discovers the land is an initiation battleground for an alien species. Stay alive and work co-operatively with other players in Sine Tempore, a richly detailed game featuring miniatures, cards, and dice.

Qmod: Energy Toys for Future Innovators

Let your kids experiment with electricity with Qmod. This energy kit teaches kids how to harness different types of energy from solar panels and plants, and encourages them to power-up all sorts of devices like LEDs and motors.


Take professional photographs from your iPhone 7 with SHIFTCAM. The shock-proof case comes with six lens options, letting you switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye, and macro with its built-in slide and snap mechanism.

IVER Denmark Watches

A tribute to Danish heritage and design, IVER watches are custom-designed from scratch with classic minimalist features. Crystal sapphire glass casing and engravable, handmade leather straps are available exclusively to Kickstarter backers.