#1 Staff Favorite

Boundary Prima System: The Ultimate Modular Pack

Keep all your stuff secured and organized with the Ultimate Modular Pack. This backpack is chock-full of features like quick-access pockets, tons of compartments, high-performance fabrics, and an expandable design that upgrades storage capacity from 25L to 30L, making it great for weekend getaways.

MICRO: The World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Save a little space in your travel pack with this incredibly small universal adapter. Micro comes with four plug options, making it compatible in over 150 countries. Its built-in surge protector keeps your devices safe from power spike damage.

Evelyn & Bobbie: The Future of Bras

Finding the perfect bra that supports your bust is challenging. Evelyn & Bobbie understood the pain of bra shopping and created the Everyday Bustier. Backed by science and ergonomics, this revolutionary bra holds everything in place without straps or wires.

Shapeheart Armband

Shapeheart Armband is the most comfortable way to run with your mobile. It’s designed with a magnetic phone case that can easily attach and detach your phone as you exercise. Its optical sensor lets you monitor your heart rate so you can adjust your workout.

ClayXYZ: Desktop 3D Clay Printer

Want to craft your own clay bowl from the comforts of home? With ClayXYZ, just load the 3D printer with clay, download a pre-set or custom-design model, and press print. The desktop printer sculpts your ceramics without the mess.

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

Get stunning sharpness and beautiful bokehs on your next photo shoot with the Neptune Lens System. The set comes with one lens base, three convertible front lenses, and two interchangeable aperture plates, all packed in a compact solution for easy transportation.

Circuit Scribe: DIY Electronic Kits

Light up your paper city by drawing your own circuit board. Inside the Circuit Scribe pen is a non-toxic, highly conductive ink that conducts electricity.  The kit also includes a set of magnetic component modules so you can create advanced circuit concepts.

Pioneer Plaque: A Message from Earth

In 1972, NASA launched the Pioneer 10, which carried a ‘galactic greeting card‘ in the event of alien contact. Get the limited edition manually engraved replica or laser-engraved re-issue, fabricated on T6 gold-anodized aluminum.

The City Clock: Paris Design

You’ll have to do some math to find out the time of day with the City Clock. Designed for the tech-poet, this Parisian building encases a binary clock system. Each window holds a numerical value, and if the window is lit up, add the values vertically to calculate the time.

SolSource Sport

Warm your beans or make a hot pot of coffee outdoors without electricity. SolSource Sport is a cooking device that is powered by solar energy, letting you cook your favorite dish on-the-go without emitting any pollution.

Literary Art on Letterpress

Need a daily dose of inspiration? Decorate your walls with these beautiful black and white letterpress posters, each printed with a quote from classical novelists like Dostoyevsky and Fitzgerald.

21 Draw University

Draw better caricatures and landscapes with lessons from legendary artists hailing from studios like Marvel, Pixar, and Disney. 21 Draw University is a new online art school offering premium art-based training, teaching a wide range of subjects to make you a better artist.

HALO BACK Kevlar Charging Cable

Halo Back is guaranteed to be the most user-friendly charging plug. It’s built from high-strength DuPont and Kevlar fiber that’s tangle-resistant and charges faster than an Apple cable.

Illustrated Classics by Pope, Shimizu & Sienkiewicz

Illustrated Classics is bringing classic titles to life in this set of over-sized hardcover volumes. Filled with beautiful artwork and décollage, read works by H.G. Wells and Oscar Wilde with illustrations from the world’s top graphic artists and cartoonists.

The RompHim™

Perfect for frosh week or spring break, RompHim is a one-piece for men. Created by bros for bros, the romper is designed with deep front pockets to hold your plastic-colored shades and features buttoned waist tabs that flatter any shape.