#1 Staff Favorite

UniLid: One Lid. Fits All. Lifetime Warranty

Is this the solution to plastic wrap?!
UniLid is a patent-pending storage lid that fits all shapes and sizes with a unique leftovers tracking feature. It’s the perfect, eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap (plus the waste associated) and cleans up that messy lid drawer in your kitchen. 
Quality and durability backed by a lifetime warranty and preorders now open on Indiegogo!

TOKYO SERIES by Dark Flight Games

A new series of 12 games, all based on real world simulations of the beautiful and overlooked life in Tokyo, Japan. Every game can be played stand alone, in series (adding end game scores), or integrated with 1 or more other TOKYO titles for an expanded new experience!

IQ BAR: Delicious Brain Food To Go!

IQ Bars are low in net carbs (~8g/bar), high in healthy fats, and packed with 5 brain-critical nutrients. Ingredient list is short, and contains 100% all-natural inputs. IQ Bars comply with vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, low-carb, and kosher diets, and have ZERO grains, gluten, GMO’s, dairy, soy, or added sugar.

Happy Essentials: Home Products

All of these organic and feel-good products are shipped straight to your door at cost– you pay what the project creator pay. Unlike retailers that mark up products to make profits, they don’t make any profit on products sold– they pass the savings on to you.

One Man Band (OMB)

OMB’s patented guitar uses unique hardware and software to enable guitar players of all styles and levels to skyrocket their playing experience with real-time backup music, instrument-swap mode, and a mind-blowing guitar-to-MIDI mode.

Preorder Galaxy of Trian: New Order

Galaxy of Trian: New Order is a tile laying game with a science-fiction theme. Players are commanding unique races and are exploring different parts of the galaxy. Their aim is to take control of a powerful technology which was left behind by the unequaled Trian race.

Nordgreen: Luxury Scandinavian Watches

Inspired by the city’s minimalist design and sustainability values through their Giving Back Program. Offering 46% off its Super Early Bird pledge, Nordgreen have been named ‘the next big thing on the Scandinavian design scene’ by The Huffington Post.

Consentacle: The Card Game

ENDING SOON: You and a partner squirm your way to a mutually satisfying Human x Alien romance… with or without the benefit of verbal communication! You’ll need to divine the other’s desires in order to build trust, play your cards right, and transform mutual trust into starry satisfaction.

VOLT: Ultimate Wireless Powerbank

JUST A FEW HOURS LEFT! VOLT is suitable for all smartphones on the market, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei or OnePlus. It allows you to charge a device through its Qi wireless technology and lightning, micro-USB & USB type-C magnetic connectors!

The World's Smallest Phone: Zanco tiny t1

The Zanco tiny t1 mobile phone is smaller than your thumb, lighter than a coin and is ridiculously cute. It’s the ‘must have’ gadget of 2018 and an ideal backup or emergency phone! It’s so small you can keep in your bag, pocket or glove compartment as a secondary phone.

The Worlds Best Bathrobes By SENTO

Meet the Sento Bathrobe, a delightful creation of luxury combined with Japanese design and craftsmanship. Available in two unique styles- one made from a textured cotton waffle weave, and the second in a quilted cotton filled padding.

One Travel Pillow: Endless Possibilities

3-in-1 ultra versatile memory foam travel pillow that delivers maximum comfort in any situation, and packs to the size of a mango! Get the amazing Omni-Pillow with a special Kickstarter 1st delivery batch discount: 43% off retail price! Will retail for 79€ | 6€ shipping worldwide.

Spirits of the Forest

Players represent the four elements that nourish the forces of nature. Up to four players compete to acquire the most spirit symbols, as they score nature points for having the majority of each spirit. The winner is the player with the most nature points at the end of the game.