#1 Staff Favorite

Volterman: World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Left your wallet in the cab in a foreign city? The Volterman wallet has a global GPS tracker and comes with an integrated camera that will take pictures of anyone opening your wallet in ‘lost mode’. Unlike other smart wallets, the Volterman will notify you when you’ve left your phone behind. And if that’s not enough, the hidden power bank will juice your phone to full battery!

Panobook: A Notebook for Your Desk

Sketch your designs or jot down notes while working at your desk with Panobook. This panoramic notebook sits nicely in front, behind, or next to your keyboard. Its pages are lined with a subtle dot grid and guide markers, making it perfect for smartphone UI design or storyboarding.

The Diaper Bag

Having a baby shouldn’t compromise your style, and with this gorgeous vegan leather Diaper Bag, you’ll be the talk of the playground. Organize your bottles and wipes with plenty of expandable and zip pockets, and a large interior for all of your and your baby’s stuff. You can wear it three ways, taking it from a backpack, to a cross-body, or a purse.

The Heritage Boot by Ridgemont

From city sidewalks to mountain trails, the Heritage Boot is perfect for all occasions. Made from waxed, waterproof full-grain leather with a lugged rubber outsole, it’s durable for long hikes and aesthetically pleasing for everyday wear.

AVA Byte: NASA-Inspired Automated Smart Garden

Grow fresh greens in a snap with this super savvy smart indoor planter. It’s easy to use: just pop in a plant pod and pour some water, and leave the rest to AVA Byte. It adjusts watering and lighting automatically, and it comes with an HD camera that captures all your vegetative growth.

Manual Coffeemaker Nº3

Enjoy the experience of hand-brewing coffee and share it with friends with the Manual Coffeemaker. With this flexible coffeemaker, you can make an entire pot of pour over, French press, or cold brew. The double-walled design keeps your coffee warm for over an hour, and doubles as an all-purpose pitcher.

InkCase i7 Plus: Dual Screen For iPhone 7+

Leave your Kindle at home with this phone case that turns the flip side of your phone into an e-reader. The InkCase gives your phone a second screen to read your books and PDFs, delivering super crisp text in a paper-like reading experience. And it comes with an in-built battery, so it won’t drain your phone.

Nöni Seamless Stainless Saucepan

An innovation in cookware design, the nöni is the world’s first one-piece stainless steel saucepan. With no rivets, welds, or screws, you won’t have to worry about loosened handles or grime build-up in between the cracks. The lid doubles as a flat skillet, and it’s all machine-washable.

Anchor Cable

Charge your android, iOS, or USB-C devices with just one charging cable. This 4-foot stainless steel cable is fast-charging, delivering 2.4 amps, and it’s built with a magnetic tip so you can easily connect and switch between the different charging heads.

Passport: The World's First Fail-Safe Global Travel Adapter

Traditional travel adaptors are at risk of blowout with its single-use fuse, but the Zendure Passport is equipped with a built-in self-resetting fuse. The adaptor comes with four USB ports and an AC output, so you can charge up to five devices at once.

Oru Kayak Is Back For Good

Are you a kayaking enthusiast but tight on space? The original origami kayak is back on Kickstarter. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak, the Oru Kayak is made for everyone, transforming from a suitcase to a full-sized rigid kayak in minutes.

Firewalla: Complete Cyber Security Solution For Your Home

Hackers are always looking for a way to sneak in, but you can keep you and your family protected with Firewalla. This tiny security device integrates the same cyber-security software used by large companies. It’s super easy to use: plug it into your router, launch the app, and you’re secured! It encrypts your data when you’re on the internet away from home.

UGEARS Hurdy-Gurdy

Crank up the Hurdy-Gurdy and transport yourself to medieval Europe with the sounds of a bagpipe. This self-assembled mechanical musical model is made entirely from wood and super easy to play, creating sound as the hand-turned wheel rubs against the melody and bourbon strings.

Neuroon Open: Smartest Sleep, Dream and Meditation Device

Feel more energized in the day with the Neuroon Open sleep wearable. This open-sourced smart mask monitors your brain waves and pulse to provide you with your unique sleep profile. Improving your sleep with A/B testing, meditative assistance, and lucid dreaming induction.

Tiny Telephone Oakland: Rai$e The Roof

A leaky roof and street noise is getting in the way of studio recording at Tiny Telephone Oakland. Help raise the roof and get some cool garb like distressed wood and a t-shirt, or pledge for some prime studio time!

VastStick: Largest Capacity USB Stick 4TB

VastStick is the only USB memory stick you’ll need. At its largest storage capacity of 4TB, you can save over 800,000 songs and photos and 1,500 HD movies – there’s enough memory to backup an entire computer!

World's First Light Bulb WIFI Security Camera

Protecting your home or business is as easy as screwing on a lightbulb with Tovnet. This lightbulb security camera installs in any light outlet, recording video and noise that’s viewable on the app or on the integrated SD card. It can even send you an email alert when motion is detected!

Higher Hangers 2.0

Optimize your closet with the space-saving Higher Hangers 2.0. The compact design eliminates the wasted space between your hanger and pole, while the gentle shoulder profile reduces shoulder bumps and wrinkles.