#1 Staff Favorite

Vortex Shadow Leather Bag by Yossi and Max

A new category of bag that fits IN between bulky messenger bags and sling bags, handmade locally in full grain leather. The only leather bag out there that’s slim and light enough for a day on the go, yet it still holds all the gear you’ll need for that day. Slim like a shadow and designed for your challenging urban life – an extension of you.

Early bird pledges now available – 40% off of retail price!

3COIL: Smallest Folding Scalpel Blade

It’s a fact that most knives and tools look exactly the same for reasons for functionality and tradition. But 3Coil Design have thrown out the rule book- their knife contains both the tiniest of blades for creative types as well as outrageous multi-tool options for those who prefer the outdoors.

Kill the Unicorns: An Enchanted Card Game

Unicorns are elegant and majestic creatures… That’s what they want us to think anyway! In this blind bidding and collection card game, you play as one of the Queendom’s unique characters – catch as many unicorns as you can. Preorders open NOW!

DUO Glass: All Purpose Drinking Glass

A hand blown 10 oz double wall borosilicate glass that is crafted to insulate, measure, and compliment your every drinking experience. The integrated 1oz indicators subtly molded into the glass make it ideal for mixing cocktails directly in the glass.

Alpha: Body-fitted Weighted Blanket

Alpha™ is a scientifically engineered weighed blanket, ergonomically designed to be 8-12% of your body weight, and made out of premium-grade natural materials. Alpha is optimized to help reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. Save $70 off retail on preorders – open now!

Swytch: Convert Any Bike Into An eBike

The Swytch Kit is an all-in-one electric conversion kit that is compatible with ANY type of bike, road bikes to beach cruisers and everything in between. Easily convert your own bike to electric power, while maintaining the look and feel of your original ride.

Sitpack Zen: Compact Posture Chair

The new Sitpack ZEN is the world’s most compact, and functional seating designed to improve your posture, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Sitpack ZEN is a truly ergonomic, height adjustable chair that lets you relax whilst maintaining a good posture. Save over 30% on preorders now!

Sento Luxury Bathrobe & Slippers

Luxury combined with Japanese design and craftsmanship. Go from a hot shower, or the warmth of your bed, and preventing the cold chill. Available in two unique styles- cotton waffle weave, and quilted cotton filled padding. Save up to 20% on early bird pledges now!

Galaxy of Trian: New Order

Massively popular tile laying game with a science-fiction theme- now taking preorders! Players are commanding unique races and are exploring different parts of the galaxy. Their aim is to take control of a powerful technology which was left behind by the unequaled Trian race.