#1 Staff Favorite

Nise Wave: WiFi Sous Vide With Adaptive Temperature Control

Come home to perfectly cooked meals everyday! Chefs around the world trust the sous vide cooking method, known for it’s ability to cook food perfectly to your desired doneness, with no risk of under or over cooking.

TriLens: The new way of changing your lenses

Conveniently organize your collection of amazing lenses and access and change them at a moment’s notice. The TriLens safely carries up to three of your DSLR lenses. Changing your glass has never been faster.

Tearribles: The Dog Toy We've All Been Waiting For

The days of toys torn to shreds is over. Tearribles, a new, patented dog toy that your dog can tear apart over, and over, and over again without actually destroying it.

Moovy : Built-in Solar + Battery Backpack & Shoulder Bag

Forget briefcases and laptop cases. Moovy Bag looks better and keeps your devices safe, organized and charged.

Blank: Better T-shirts for Women and Men by Cotton Bureau

Crappy quality T-Shirts are cancelled. Introducing Blank, the new brand of size-inclusive, made-in-the-USA, better-fitting, premium t-shirts for women and men.

AnZa: Redefining the Espresso Machine in Concrete

Turn heads and deliver cafe-quality coffee in your home kitchen. Born out of passion for good coffee and boredom with the default espresso machine vernacular, the AnZa brings new life and love to your countertop.

Million Mile Light: Next generation battery-free safety light, now for everyone!

Million Mile Light® is the planet friendly battery-free safety light that’s powered by motion and is designed for everyone who’s active in low light – whether you’re a runner, hiker, dog-walker or you walk children to school.

CANVAS: A Revolutionary New Beverage Made from 'Saved Grain'

Canvas is the first sustainable, plant-based beverage made from ‘Saved Grain’. Our dream is to bring better nutrition to everyone.

AQUA+: World's Most Powerful Wireless Headphone Amplifier

Hear the difference with 32 bits! Aqua+ redefines wireless for you with the maximum audio performance and a tangle-free listening experience.

Cubiio: The Most Compact Laser Engraver

The most compact easy to use laser engraver ever. Taking up less space than a coffee mug, Cubiio makes laser engraving fast, easy, safe, and accessible for everyone.

Enemy Kitchen by Michael Rakowitz at MCA Chicago

Bring this mobile food truck/art project to the MCA where U.S. veterans will serve free Iraqi dishes at community events. Enemy Kitchen is a public art project by Michael Rakowitz that explores the relationship between hospitality and hostility.

Slide: Exceptionally Minimal Luxury Bifold Wallet

In order to offer a new way to carry your bills, we had to change what we used. The money clip has a clear advantage as it doesn’t need a pocket, making the wallet a whole lot thinner.

TMNT Action Figure Encyclopedia

An unofficial guide to nearly every TMNT action figure from 1988 – March of 2017. Comes in hardcover and softcover options.

MODIUS: Groundbreaking Fat Reduction Technology

Most people would love to lose a few pounds and get a lean and healthy body. MODIUS is a revolutionary new wearable technology which helps you reduce body fat and gives you a leaner body.

Taskin Kompak: The Easy Way to Pack More & Mess Less

The Taskin Kompak has dual-side compression pouches so you can pack more in the same space and keep clean & dirty clothes separate!

RovR Wheeled Cooler: The most feature packed cooler ever!

The RollR 60 is not your average cooler. It’s a 60 quart, all-in-one hub for your camping trip, picnic or beach day. Packed with the features you’d want if you’d designed it yourself.

TREVOR HALL presents: The Fruitful Darkness

Imagine new Trevor Hall music all year! Treat your ears with 3 new Trevor Hall songs every three months for a total of 12 new songs in 2017 and 2018!