#1 Staff Favorite

World's First Custom Fit Sandals for Personalized Comfort

Your feet are unique, so why aren’t your shoes? Wiivv Sandals are bio-mechanically designed to the contours of your feet with custom-fit 3D arch support and shock absorbent heel cups, relieving joint pain and fatigue.

Chris: Your digital co-driver with Artificial Intelligence

Chris is the driving buddy you’ve always wanted. He listens to you, tells you when you get a text or call, gives directions, and plays your music, connecting the dots to your digital life while you drive.

Superscreen: Supercharge your Phone with a 10.1″ HD Display

Engage with your mobile content at a larger scale with Superscreen. It wirelessly transmits your screen to a full-sized HD touch display, with all the benefits of a tablet.

Cora Ball: Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball

We are eating our fleece, literally. Microfibers are polluting the oceans and the fish we eat. Use Cora Ball on your next load and protect the environment.

SnowBob: The Future of Sledding

Bobsledding just got cooler. The SnowBob lets you actively and intuitively control turns by shifting your weight from side to side. What this means: more fun.

Dadamachines: Music Machines for Everyone!

Build awesome music using the world as your instrument. Tap, move, or bang to make sound and Dadamachines‘ plug-and-play automatic MIDI-controller and accessories kit will compose it.

Kniterate: The Digital Knitting Machine

Need a toque? Create a design with your colors and patterns, and let Kniterate do all the manual work. The possibilities are endless: from sweaters, scarves, and even shoes!

ClickPack Pro: The Anti-Theft Backpack

Pickpocketers don’t stand a chance with the triple anti-theft protection and retractable metal wire lock on the ClickPack Pro.

Wonder 3 Revisted

Its the year 196X and the world is in chaos. Wonder 3, an elite team of advanced species, is sent on mission to earth disguised as animals to see if humans are worth saving.

KERUO L7: The Portable Smart Projector

Movie night in the yard? Connect KERUO L7 to your mobile, and let its automatic keystone correction angle the screen for you.

Audeara: Headphones for Perfect Sound

Audera uses your unique hearing profile to adjust sound signals in your ears, tailoring music just for you.

UPRIGHT GO: Fix Your Screen-slouch

Bad posture is a hard habit to break, but UPRIGHT GO will vibrate every time you slouch, easing back pain while making you feel taller.

MOGO: Immersive Cinematic Experience for 2D video

Use MOGO to get the full theatre experience the next time you watch a video on your mobile.

Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass Automatic Instrument Tuners

Whether you’re a beginner guitarist or pro, tuning can get frustrating. Roadie is an automatic string tuner that’s three times more precise than the human ear.

PRSRV Power Bank

When your phone’s done charging, the PRSRV power bank will juice the rest. It features an ejectable power card that fits in your wallet.

Reolink Argus: Wire-Free Security Camera

Secure your home or storefront without messy power cords. Reolink Argus comes wireless with interchangeable batteries and full HD.

Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone

On your next vacation, capture or live stream the exotic sealife hidden in the deep ocean. Gladius can dive up to 100m with a horizontal range of 500m, and has three hours of battery life.

Dumbing of Age: Sixth Book Collection

Relive your awkward freshmen days as Joyce, a fundamentalist Christian preparing for college, in the hilarious webcomic Dumbing of Age.

Gametee: Leather Notebooks for Gamers

Chronicle your next gaming journey in the beautifully hand-crafted Gametee, featuring aged paper with four inner notebooks.

VH-80: The Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer

VH-80 delivers the ultimate measuring accuracy. The device uses two laser beams from each end to calculate the distance between itself and the target.