#1 Staff Favorite

XTND: World’s First Electric Board with AI

Forget subway delays and bus lines! Zip through your morning commute with XTND, the electric skateboard with artificial intelligence. The board adapts to your riding style, collecting data on your rides and creating unique settings for your riding ability. If you’re a newbie, the board will teach you how to ride.

The Undress V3: The Most Versatile Dress

Undress in public without getting naked. This versatile dress lets you change out of your bathing suit or gym clothes wherever you are in seconds. Its three adjustment points flatter every shape and size.

Chuwi SurBook

The Chuwi Surbook 2-in-1 tablet packs a whole lot of features at a bargain price. Powered by a quad-core Intel processor with 6GB of memory, there’s enough space to store your movies, photos, and unrequited love letters. Its backlit keyboard make it perfect for night-time travel.

PROOF: The First Alcohol Tracking Wearable

Happy hour and driving home? PROOF is a wearable that tracks your blood alcohol concentration levels. It reads alcohol molecules that pass through your skin, and its real-time tracking feature lets you set an alert for when you’ve reached your limit.

STRØM Bike: The Perfect E-Bike for Any Ride

The creators behind the STRØM bike are on a mission to make inner-city commuting more sustainable. This urban e-bike lets you adjust the amount of assistance and ride up to 50 miles with top speeds of 20mph on a single charge. Subscribers to the BackerKit Staff Favorites newsletter get a free front fork suspension. (Pledge here for the EU model or US model.)


Carry your stuff across town hassle-free with TReGo, an innovative trolley that connects to your existing bike in seconds. Just attach the trolley to your front wheel and load up to 50lbs of stuff. A special kit converts the trolley into a rear-loading bike.

Blasphemous: Dark 2D Non-Linear Platformer

Explore a dark fantasy nightmare and vanquish bloodthirsty creatures in this 2D hack-and-slash game. Blasphemous was built pixel by pixel, creating an expansive non-linear universe that combines fast-paced, skilled combat with a deep narrative storyline.

Tara&Co Convertible Bag

Traditional laptop bags are clunky and cumbersome, but Tara&Co’s Tracey bag is both practical and stylish. Wear it as a tote, cross-body bag, backpack, or zip-off clutch.

Juiced Boards: Authentic Electric Skateboards

Easy for beginners and powerful for the seasoned rider, Juiced Electric Skateboards have an authentic longboard feel. Affordably priced, the board gives bang for your buck, riding at top speeds of 20mph up to a 7-mile range.

MINUS-8 ANZA Field Watch

Inspired by West Coast living, the Anza Field Watch is a versatile timepiece for everyday use. Made from stainless steel with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the unibody design makes it easy to swap straps for a different look in seconds.

Hand of Fate: Ordeals

Take on the role of a brave adventurer on a quest for fame in this game of life and death. Hand of Fate is the tabletop adventure deck-building game based on the award-winning video game. Played over three levels, travel the lands and defeat each level’s ruler.

Trance Jewel: Aerospace Grade Oligodynamic Spheroids

The Trance Jewel can be used as a lucky charm or fidget gadget – and it keeps you healthy at the same time. Its copper and silver surface kills bacteria and fungi and mesmerizes you with its shine.

Carlos by Carlos Santana Handcrafted Shoes for Men

From the legendary musician comes a line of affordable luxury shoes. The shoes are traditionally handcrafted and made from full-grain leather or calfskin suede, with a welted construction for durability and finished with quintessential Carlos Santana flair.

Ash of Gods

Every decision, conversation, and card can alter the battleground, giving life or death to your friends and foes in Ash of Gods. This online turn-based RPG is woven with intricate, non-linear storylines and seven possible endings.

TRAK 2.0: The Ultimate Touring Kayak

Re-inventing the kayak wasn’t easy, but the team behind TRAK 2.0 designed a touring kayak that fits in a bag. Inspired by the Inuit kayaks, its frame is built from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum, making it more durable than hardshell kayaks. What’s more, it’s the only kayak that can change shape to alter the water line.

LucidCatcher: VR Dreaming Wearable

Immerse yourself in lucid dreaming with LucidCather. This wearable device provokes a meditative state of mind while you’re dreaming, awakening your mind while your body sleeps, stimulating your imagination and creating a kind of ‘dream yoga’.

No Safe Spaces

Are we shutting down free speech with our extreme inclusivity? College campuses have been a bastion for freedom of ideas, but now these same campuses are isolating anyone who disagrees. Join No Safe Spaces as they travel across campuses documenting the hysteria taking place at universities across the United States.