#1 Staff Favorite

EcoQube Frame: Your Home Vertical Garden

The EcoQube Frame is a low-maintenance vertical home gardening system that can grow microgreens in less than 10 days. You can hang the frame on a wall or stand it on a counter or tabletop.

ZeTime: Smartwatch with Mechanical Hands

ZeTime is a hybrid smartwatch that combines mechanical hands with a full-round color touchscreen in a classic design all at an affordable price.

Sobro: A Cooler Coffee Table

Want a coffee table that can keep your drinks cold and charge your phone? The Sorbo coffee table comes with a refrigerated drawer, bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and LED lights.

CaptoGlove: VR, PC, & Mobile Controller

Looking for a more intense gaming experience? The CaptoGlove is a wireless wearable controller for PC, mobile, and smart devices.

Dagadam Watch

Bringing AI to your wrists, the Dagadam features a novel touch bezel and learns how you interact with social notifications to better prioritize them in the future.

Luxor Mini: Auto Focusing Pocket Flashlight

Place the Luxor on a table and get an instant lantern, or point it at a trail and get a wide beam. Luxor gives you the perfect lighting for any situation.

HEXAGON: Camera, Signals, & Sensors for Cyclists

HEXAGON makes for a safer ride with its full HD rear-view camera that comes with a crash sensor and activity monitoring.

AdapDesk: The World's First Portable Work Station

Work more comfortably from your bed or backyard with AdapDesk, the fully adjustable portable desk that easily slides into your backpack or briefcase.

Hyve Touch Synth

Hyve is a fun and expressive musical analog synthesizer that responds to touch and movement.

Rinsten Spring: The Ultimate Bicycle Shock Absorber

Don’t let potholes get in your way again. The Rinsten Spring softens road vibrations and shocks making for a smooth ride across rough terrains.


Ruggish Play Rugs

Protect your little ones without compromising style with Ruggish Play, the waterproof, one-piece memory foam rug.

XBAR | FLYT Personal Fitness System

Developed by a pro snowboarder, XBAR is the multifunctional workout device that lets you stay fit wherever you are.

CARD Adapter: The Travel Adapter with TYPE C Charger

Charging your devices while traveling just got easier with CARD, the universal multi-plug that lets you can plug-in your laptop and phone at the same time.


ET Mini: Portable HD Projector

The ET Mini is an all-in-one portable entertainment system that features a DLP HD projector and bluetooth speakers.

Travis: I speak 80 languages, so can you!

Go global and speak local with Travis, the pocket-sized device that uses AI to automatically recognize and translate languages on the fly.

Z Grills Elite 900: Affordable Wood Pellet Grill

Upping your grill master game, the Z Grills Elite features a digital temperature control that automatically adds wood pellets as needed.

RECKLESS DECK: Solving the Problem of "What Should I Draw?"

Being in a creative funk is never any fun, but RECKLESS DECK helps artists by generating genre-smashing ideas to help you draw your next character.

Vikingar: Conquest of the World

In this 2-4 player viking game, explore Midgard, the world of mortals, complete mythic quests, and divine the will of the Ases to gain entrance to Valhalla!

The Grimm Forest

In The Grimm Forest, you’re a nephew or niece of the 3 Little Pigs and you must seek help from fairy tale characters and avoid cunning creatures as you compete to build a set of three houses.