#1 Staff Favorite

Justice For Breonna Taylor Act

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year old, award-winning EMT, who was shot and killed in her own home by police during the execution of a discriminatory, botched no-knock warrant.

The Justice for Breonna Act would effectively ban no-knock warrants on the federal level, ensuring that no American citizen will ever be killed so unjustly ever again.

Please help them meet their goal of blanketing the state of Kentucky with over 100 billboards, showing Mitch McConnell that the American people stand with Breonna Taylor and her family.

We can show our elected politicians that their power comes directly from the American public; they cannot continue to ignore our collective voices, they cannot continue to neglect our demands, and they cannot continue to disregard the death of an innocent woman.

Help us get justice for Breonna Taylor.

Help us ensure that nobody else dies the way she did.

Her life mattered.

The Wagadu Chronicles | Just Launched!

Imagine a video game where everyone around you is role-playing. The noble Emere with whom you are traveling does not want to desecrate any tombs and ignores the loot; the Swala hunter you just met chants a ritual prayer before every hunt, and the Asiman merchant never attacks or kills anyone because she believes her goddess wants peace to rule in Wagadu. Welcome to Wagadu, an Afrofantasy world to explore both as an isometric MMO and as a 5E-compatible tabletop setting.

Ditto Kids Magazine

FINAL DAYS! Ditto Kids magazine is a print publication whose mission is to empower and guide kids ages 3-11 on their journey to becoming actively anti-racist. Ditto Kids help parents, teachers, and community leaders have important but tricky conversations with kids about racism and injustice in the world. These conversations can be done in a way that doesn’t scare kids but empowers them and equips them with knowledge, love for themselves, and love for others!

Is'nana the Were-Spider: Showtime

The story focuses on Is’nana the Were-Spider before he comes to our world, on an adventure with his friends back in the Mother Kingdom. You’ll get a taste of what Is’nana’s life was like as a spider, his relationship with some of his family members, as well as meeting the best friends he left behind.


Move&Mull is a game by SpheriEarth about waste separation and recycling. It’s a game about Bob, a janitor. Bob runs around the city collects and sorts bottles and cans from public dumpsters to clean up the city. He sometimes resells the reusable wastes and uses the money for several philanthropic activities like “planting trees”. Help Bob accomplish this task and rank high.

Houston White Men’s Room

Houston White Men’s Room, a barbershop in the Camden neighborhood of North Minneapolis is founded by entrepreneur and community leader Houston White. It’s more than a barbershop. It’s a gathering place for community building, authentic expression of self, and inclusive celebration of black culture — everything our society needs more of. HWMR is expanding. But to make it happen, we need your help.

NANI | Fantasy Graphic Novel

Nani is a story of sisterhood in the face of adversity. The story chronicles the lives of two sisters who, in a moment of peril, are transported to a magical world full of danger, magic, and mystery. They soon find themselves embroiled in a conflict between several warring tribes and, with no route back home in sight, the sisters are left with a single choice: adapt to this new and bizarre world, or perish.

Celestial Summer: A Graphic Novel

Celestial Summer is an original graphic novel created by writer Lorraine Avila in collaboration with artists Zahira Kelly-Cabrera and Antoinette Thomas. Via a psychedelic trip on the eve of July 4th, 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, and a war on Black bodies, lovers grant each other permission to take off their masks and love each other in a Harlem apartment.

We, as BackerKit, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand against racism and anti-blackness, police brutality, and the systemic racial injustices that the Black community faces. We are highlighting Black creators and their projects in this blog. You can read our full statement here.