July-October 2021 – Improved VAT Support & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Product Updates covers what the BackerKit team has been building for BackerKit Launch, Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators.

Pledge Manager

  • Improved flow when adding state-based shipping: Backers from countries and projects with state-based shipping will now be required to enter their state on the welcome page. This ensures they get the most accurate shipping estimates right away!
  • Give backers a tax breakdown: It’s now easier for backers to see how payments are allocated. The taxes for shipping and taxes for line items will now be split up when presented to backers.
  • More control over admin access: Creators can now have certain admins listed as “limited,” which only gives them access to Backer Profiles. This feature works great if you have people on your team focused on backer support.
  • Multiple Shopify stores, one solution: You can now add a nickname to your integration. When you have multiple Shopify stores, that nickname will show up on the index page and on the shipments page, along with a link to the integration instead of just the Shopify name.
  • Charge shipping for the whole order: BackerKit has released its previously beta feature, Whole Order weight-based shipping is now open to all creators. If you chose to not charge shipping during your campaign, you can now charge shipping based on the weight of all of the items in a backer’s order, including pledge level rewards. This makes setting up shipping tables quick and easy!
  • Try to win back canceled backers: Creators using our BackerKit Marketing can now choose if they would like to message backers who canceled their pledge to see if they would like to repledge before the campaign ends. This is a great time to let backers know about things like unlocked stretch goals before it’s too late!
  • Add your taxes quickly: You can now choose to autofill your tax rules from the most recent information BackerKit has on tax rates. 
  • Improved VAT support: Creators can now choose where they would like to charge taxes on shipping, which helps in adhering to VAT policies. 
  • Charge shipping closer to fulfillment: Not sure what to charge for shipping yet? No problem! BackerKit’s new beta feature allows creators to send surveys and charge for add-ons, upgrades, and taxes upfront, and charge for shipping closer to fulfillment when they have a better idea on price. Reach out to our team to try it out!