Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

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8 months ago
by AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX
Hey all! We've had a fantastic go at that first Super Stretch Goal and we're already within sight of unlocking the second set! 🥳

Amunet and I are working hard on the designs and can't wait to show you as soon as they are ready. We'll be putting them into physical sampling production ASAP so we can try to get the samples made before the campaign ends, though it will be a bit close.

Please tell a few friends about the project today! Share it on socials! Tell people you've pledged! We're so close! 

In the meantime, we've made this chart for you to help you figure out which Tier you should pledge to get the amount of pins that you want.

A graph explaining each tier from 1 pin to 4 Sets and descriptions of the pricing and optional add ons

If you want 1 to 4 pins from either set, use the 1 Pin Tier then add on additional pins as necessary up to 4. Continuing to add on individual pins will allow you to mix and match from sets, but do consider the price difference between this option and selecting a complete set.

The 1 Set Tier will get you all six pins in a single set. You can then add on additional pins through the add on to supplement the set.
NOTE: Sets are FIXED. When the survey comes out for Set Tiers you will only be able to choose from Set 1 (Inners) or Set 2 (Outers). You will not have the option to choose individual pins unless you have chosen an add on to supplement the set.

If you wish to get one of each set, use the 2 Set Tier. You can also use this Tier to get two of the same set if you want to.

The 4 Set Tier will let you get any combination of the two sets up to four sets in total.

Individual stickers come with their individual pins and all Set Tiers come with a complete corresponding set of stickers. You can add on additional sets of stickers if you want more than what comes with the tier. There is no option to add on individual stickers.

You are not charged for your pledge until the campaign ends on October 28th at 11:59PM Pacific (8:59PM Eastern).
Update your pledge now for the full amount of pins that you want to help us meet this goal! 🥰

I realize that the limited system for pledging can make this complicated so if you have a specific order you're trying to make and would like advice on how best to do it, don't hesitate to reply to this post and ask or message me on socials. I am happy to help! ♥
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