Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Yay Funding Complete! 🥳 What's Next: Dates & Expectations Edit
7 months ago
by AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX
Hey all! YAY WE DID IT! 🎉

You may have noticed the project did not end at 8:59PM eastern last night. Uh - I got my time zones a bit mixed up. 😅 Glad you last minute people had a few extra hours to join us!! 🥰
Amunet and I are SO excited to be making these 16 new pin designs!!! Wow!!

All 16 Pin Designs

Here's what's happening next:

  • For the next ~2 weeks BackerKit will be collecting your pledges. If there's a problem with your payment you will have a chance to fix it so you don't lose your pledge and rewards. 

  • After the funds have been collected we will run a sample test of the backer surveys. They will go out to a few people at each pledge level to make sure everything is working as intended. The surveys are done and ready to roll so as soon as the funds are collected and the testing is done they will go out to everyone. 
  • My estimated date for surveys going out is the week of November 14th. This is later than I originally put on the timeline because I didn't realize they had to go out after funds were collected (right?? silly me). Be on the lookout for another update and emails about surveys and do them ASAP when you get them because surveys are how you choose your rewards! ⭐

  • Surveys will be open for about two weeks.
    After surveys close we will be locking orders. When orders are locked there will be a final payment for any unpaid add ons, shipping, and taxes (where applicable). I will be sending reminders/emails/social posts/updates when we are making this second charge so be on the lookout for that towards the end of November/early December. Reminder: I made a spreadsheet where you can check for the estimated shipping costs and taxes for you order.  

Prototype manufacturing continues during this time! Amunet and I are working with the manufacturers right now to get samples made of all the new designs. Samples is an important part of the process to ensure the designs are being made to out specifications so there is less chance of delays or errors in final production. Be sure to look for future updates as we will keep you in the loop for all these fun behind the scenes steps! 

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