Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Mid-December Progress: Box, Card, & Sticker Orders Placed; More Samples! Gem color problems??? Edit
6 months ago
by AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX
Hey all! It's been a few weeks so I wanted to check in and keep you updated on the various states of the manufacturing process. 🥰

Boxes and Backing Cards
The order for these from our supplier in Ukraine has been paid and is currently underway. Travel of items from Ukraine are understandably slow at this time so I wanted to get this order in as soon as possible to give them time to get here. I have paid for the fastest shipping rate which means once the boxes get out of Ukraine they will fly expeditiously to me. It's the getting out part that has been slow. Fingers all crossed the box(es) have a safe journey when they come!

Stickers have all been ordered! These are expected to arrive in early 2023 (January perhaps?)

Pin Sample Progress
We have photos of the Talismans pins from the manufacturer and the metal shapes are looking good. I'm very happy to see that nice bevel on the Sword. 👀✨

Manufacturer's photo of the new samples including Mirror, Sword, Orb, and Locket

The actually reflective mirror part of Mirror is having some delays as (apparently) the factory they get mirrors from is under Covid lockdown currently. 😫 My supplier is looking at alternative sources this week and I'm hoping for an update soon.

Gem colors have been a bit of an issue. We really want Mirror and Neptune to have a blue green gem but they have thus far only been able to show us light green and dark green (the dark is the same color that is on the Jupiter pin). We have sent requests and visual guides asking for the correct color but if they cannot get it, we may need to choose between the light and dark green options for Mirror and Neptune.

I might do a formal project poll to see which green the majority prefer if we are forced to go down this more green path. I have tried one more time with this image to see if I can get them to find a more suitable color. 🤞🏻

We also got photos of the updated samples for Saturn, Rose, and Key. The depth in Rose looks a lot better now and the defect from Key's mold has been fixed. Saturn is a touch smaller than the first sample to match the set better, though the gem is again the wrong color. We've asked for a purple gem for this pin but if they cannot get purple then we will use white.

Updated manufacturer photos of Key, Rose, and Saturn

That's an update on everything so far! We're moving along at more or less the expected pace with no major concerning delays so far. Once we finalize the gem issues and (hopefully) get mirrors in place these samples will be mailed to me for personal approval. After that we will be placing the final order for the full run of pins!

Because New Years celebrations are coming up, there may be a pause in manufacturing in January. This is already built into my expected timeline and should not effect my goal of having these pins to you in March 2023. 

Thanks for supporting the project! Amunet and I are very excited to have these beautiful things made. :3

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