Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

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7 months ago

Project Update: Update: Production & More

Hey friends! Thanks so much for your patience on this campaign! As you well know, we had a ton of designs in this campaign, so it created quite the queue of things to be completed. We've also had some notable life changes, with Venetia giving birth to her child, and Mel (me!) moving my entire house/storage unit/office into a new place in a somewhat rushed fashion. We've definitely been a bit more crazed in life than usual!

However, I did want to spend a minute and drop in some updates. We did have a large gap with Chinese New Year, so we're just seeing some updates now.

Our current stats:
  • Three pins in mass manufacturing
  • 27 pins in sampling (various stages)
  • 8 pins where we're revising the artwork with the manufacturers (almost entirely pantone codes not agreeing between us and the manufacturers, so we're trying to get that ready)
  • 16 pins that are in the vector queue (in progress) with one duplicate
  • Stickers are printed and in-hand!
  • Microfibers - going into production soon (the manufacter takes about 2 weeks after samples, so less concerned on time on these and will probably go into production this month)

Some images:

As pins are finished and shipped to us, we'll get started with grading and getting items set up for mass shipments so we'll be ready later on when they're fully available.

We'll update in about a month/month and a half with more progress (likely when I returned from the over-the-ocean show + wrap up maintenance when I return)! Everything will be done in waves, so pins will be done in a somewhat staggered fashion (and we're pushing them to the manfucturers as we complete the artwork). It'll allow us a bit more wiggle room with things arriving and being able to complete them instead of being hit by thousands of pins at once.

Anyway, that's all from the team today! :D We hope you're doing well.

- M.




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