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5 months ago

Project Update: Factory Update: Production, Insert Adventures, Pictures!

Greetings, and sorry for the long delay in getting this update out, we've been working with the factory to sort out some production issues - specifically the insert for the game. Here's the first sample we received:

As you can no doubt see, the well is not deep enough. It was exactly the height of the cards, which means they spill out reeeal easily:

So, we asked for a revision, taller wells, taller insert (needed to modify the box for this),and it fixed that issue: 

But - they made the open top section much much too deep, where the home and island mats go. If the box was moved at all, the cards came out of the wells...same problem. You can see there's a pretty wide gap here, even with the protective plastic cover:

On the third try, we got it right! 

So, everything is now in Actual Production, and we'll have info on opening up the BackerKit for shipping + VAT soon (ideally next week) so you can give us your addresses for fulfillment. 

Here's some more photos of the box, and some cards in play (including the upgraded colorblind indicators in the corner indicating Preference.  

We'll share as soon as we have info from the factory on a firm date, and we'll be making a gameplay video (again, the first one's recording has an issue with the camera's lens which made the whole thing uselessly blurry). 

Hope everyone is having a good Spring! 




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