Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

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12 months ago

Project Update: Options for next stretch goal and Cover piece!

A little coffee coverart!

Hey everyone!!
we've got 13 days left of the campaign and I'm super impressed with how well everything has gone so far. 

Two pieces about this update, 
  1. The piece above is the 'current' cover of the calendar (in a weird stroke of inspiration, I have another idea for one but we'll see what Cat comes back with. If that piece comes back great this will then be the second page of the calendar (with the credits and thank you backers section). 
  2. In this update there's a poll which I want to see what the 4th item will be when we hit 25k, if it will be a magnet, or something else. 

And finally, we're only 276 backers away from our 1000 backer goal of unlocking gold foil printing on all the art pages of the  calendars (currently just limted to art prints and the cover of the calendar)!

Thank you again for all your support and over the course of this next week I'll be updating the new layout of the calendar (and be able to show off some of that soon)!!
Stay Hydrated!

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