Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

Baby Bestiary 2023 Calendar

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12 months ago

Project Update: WE NEED YOUR HELP! The ✨Gold Foil✨ Goal

Hey Calendar and Coffee Lovers!

Not only are we quickly approaching $25,000 for our final voted stretch goal, but, we're also so close to reaching our community goal of 1,000 backers! If we unlock this, we'll be doing ✨GOLD FOIL PRINTING✨ on every art page of the calendar!!

But, we only have 9 more days to make this happen!

We are less than 200 backers away from reaching this goal, but to reach our goal of 1,000 backers, we'll need your help to get us there, and every little bit of support helps!
If even just a quarter of you know a friend or can get someone to support the campaign (even at the lowest level!), we'll be able to reach this awesome goal, which would make this the most beautiful calendar we've ever produced!

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Thanks you all for your amazing support,





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