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Pintopia 2023 has ended with all projects 100% funded! Special thanks to the thousands of backers who showed up to support these amazing creators. Stay tuned to learn what’s next on BackerKit.

Welcome to Pintopia

Pintopia is a multi-campaign, cooperative crowdfunding event by BackerKit — and you! It’s a celebration of creative collaboration where artists work together to bring you the best enamel pins around, and backers have the power to unlock exclusive designs.

We see crowdfunding as a massive multiplayer marketplace — it’s community driven. A creator’s vision stirs up backer enthusiasm, and together, they bring a new idea into the world. But that multiplayer, communal experience doesn’t have to stop with the collaboration between creator and backer. When creators team up, the success of one project can have a ripple effect that allows everyone to benefit.

During Pintopia, a series of enamel pin projects from a diverse group of creators will collectively launch on Crowdfunding by BackerKit. With all of the Pintopia projects launching simultaneously, backers will have a chance to discover projects they may not have otherwise found while creators can collaborate in ways that add even more value to their already exciting offerings. That means more creators launch successful campaigns and more cool things for all of us!

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