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Pintopia 2023 has ended with all projects 100% funded! Special thanks to the thousands of backers who showed up to support these amazing creators. Stay tuned to learn what’s next on BackerKit.

Pintopia is a multi-campaign, cooperative crowdfunding event by BackerKit — and you! It's a celebration of creative collaboration where artists work together to bring you the best enamel pins around, and backers have the power to unlock exclusive designs. Learn More »

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  • Just getting started!
    Backed 1 Pintopia project
  • Collab Pin #1 | Pipe Weed Moth
    Backed 3 Pintopia projects
  • Collab Pin #2 | As If Ghoulfriend
    Backed 5 Pintopia projects
  • Collab Pin #3 | Jupiter Purring
    Backed 7 Pintopia projects
  • Limited Gold Trophy Pin!
    Backed 10 Pintopia projects
  • Secret Reward!!
    Backed 20 Pintopia projects
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Jason Furie
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David Bell
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Jason Furie
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Meet The Creators

Justin Sirois

Backed 0 Pintopia Projects
Justin Sirois owns Severed Books and operates. He is also a product developer for Exalted Funeral. He is the author of seven novels, a lot of RPG books, and even some poetry things. Justin has won five individual Maryland State Arts Council grants for fiction and poetry. He lives in Maryland where he writes and draws and makes stuff. 
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Eloise Leigh & Nessa Finnegan

Backed 1 Pintopia Project
Eloise Leigh/ New Age Rage
Graphic designer in the music and publishing industries. Self-publishing zines and printed matter to support various nonprofit causes on the side. Instagram: @new_age_rage

Nessa Finnegan
Berlin based / Irish artist and designer Nessa Finnegan specialises in making soft and squishy sculptures and printed works. Using humour and tactile materials, Nessa’s work explores a wide spectrum of established gendered roles and rules as well as authority and power.
Instagram: @NessaFinnegan
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Alchemy Art

Backed 2 Pintopia Projects
A maker of enamel pins and shiny things - travelling through U.S. conventions with our wares, as well as running a monthly pin club. Visit us on our store, or on Instagram!
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