The Black Hole in a Sphere

The Black Hole in a Sphere

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10 months ago

Project Update: New Prototypes in Sight!

In short:

  • The Mindblowing Coincidence
  • New Prototype is in Sight
  • The Solar System as a Wall Light

The Mindblowing Coincidence

It’s unbelievable but in 1783 John Michell suggested the existence of BLACK HOLES for the first time. 200 years later, in 2019, the world was thrilled by the first photos of real Black Holes using the Event Horizon Telescope. For the nerds among us: One at the center of Galaxy M87 and the one known as Sagittarius A* at the heart of our own Galaxy - the Milky Way:

You might be thinking: “Wow! A fuzzy coffee mug stain? ”But! If you are disappointed by this image, we think this misses the gravity of the situation. From this image, we should be able to tell whether the general theory of relativity accurately predicts what happens in the strong gravity regime of a Black Hole.

What's even more exciting for us, is this picture we took of our own Black Hole Screen. Within its bouquet, in the upper left corner, you can see the blurred version of our presentation of a Black Hole.

The resemblance to the real photos from ESA is truly mind-blowing. You can see the exact orbit of photons depicted in the original shot from the Event Horizon within our glass art.

You wind up with some of the gas moving towards us and receding from us on the top. The light is being boosted in our direction. That’s why you can see brighter spots in the images. It’s like the similarity of those two pictures reinforced the credibility of each of the shots.  We are so happy about this lucky snapshot and couldn’t be more proud to receive this scientific legitimization.

Take a closer look at our campaign and please don’t forget to spread the word. Give us a shoutout and tell your friends!

New Prototype is in Sight
We will create another prototype for you. We try to put only two two-dimensional images in our sphere so that we have both a specific view of the distortion as well as the accretion disk. Unfortunately, we still have some issues with the software we convert these models into laser dots with, so the real prototype might not be finished before the campaign ends, but you will be able to look at it in the pledge manager and choose it if you want to.

The Solar System as a Wall Light
We also worked on a wall light containing our Solar System - true to scale Model from the Solar System campaign. This will be an option as well within the pledge manager right after the campaign. Feel free to tell us your thoughts about it! 

Only a couple of days are left to back our campaign, so don´t hesitate!
Bests, Clemens and Team CinkS labs

Check out The Black Hole today!,Clemens





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