The Black Hole in a Sphere

The Black Hole in a Sphere

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9 months ago

Project Update: Final Prototypes, Fun Side Products and Last Chance to Pledge!

My Dearest Backers and those who consider becoming one,

here is a video of our latest prototypes, pictures of our side products, and a small overview of the different sizes and motives of our wall lights.

You will be able to select the models and upgrade the sizes in the pledge manager a couple of days after the end of the campaign.

We hope, we can convince some more of you to support our campaign, remember it´s only about 30 hours left!!!
Have fun with the update and tell us your thoughts!

Click here to see the video!

Here you can see the Wall-light containing the Solar System true to scale. We made a prototype to see how it works and it came out so amazing, that we want to share it with you right away. If there is a lot of interest, we want to offer it in the pledge manager. 

The same goes for this carina nebula wall canvas I made for my photo and sewing corner. It's a very sturdy tarp and the print quality is breathtaking.

Lastly, here is a small overview of all the variations of the Wall Lights in size, our 3 motifs (Disc, Distortion, and Perspectives), and their pricing for the base size and upgrades. Remember that the LED's are color-changing LED's.

Best regards, Clemens and Team CinkS labs!






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