Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

Our next goal is for a physical print run of the books. And based on an avalanche of feedback and requests, we're going to be adding in the option to get copies of the books as add-ons during pledge management. What's more, backers will get a discount from the retail price!

Here's the important details:
- If we hit $175,000 we will move forward with doing a print run
- Once the campaign is over, you'll be sent your survey and be given the option to add on items, including physical copies of the books. You'll get a $20 discount on each book you order on the condition you pledged at $40 or higher during the campaign.

Based on our current estimate, each volume of Stories of the Free Lands will be $40. So, if you want to get a discounted copy of the physical books, we suggest you up increase your pledge NOW by $20 for each copy of the books you would like.

Let's say you backed at the "Story Bundle & Naasii" pledge level ($60) and you wanted to get one copy each of the physical books - Stories of the Free Lands Volume 1 and Stories of the Free Lands Volume 2. You would increase your pledge from $60 to $100. That's a $40 increase. $20 for each copy of the book.


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2 months ago

Hi, you may want to consider making this a project update instead of just a comment, so it gets emailed and the like. I'm not sure how many people will have seen this at this point.

Hi Malek! Thanks for having our back. That was always the plan. We just didn't want to drop it on the weekend. Statistically far fewer people open emails or click through links on the weekend. Weird, right? We'll have our update out later today.