Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

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6 months ago

Project Update: April Update

Osiyo folks! (Hello!)
Great news to report. Based on our current projections, we're going to be able to deliver Stories of the Free Lands to backers by the end of April. That's right, both Volumes are heading into the final stages, and I'm feeling good about being able to hand them over to you all by the end of this month.

What you'll be receiving is a notification from BackerKit that your downloads are available. You'll come back to your pledge page here on BackerKit and you'll find your download available. If you ever lose it for some reason, you can always come back to the page and download it again.

Each Volume will be a separate zipped file and contain the following:
  • Five playable stories in PDF format
  • 1 piece of art that act as 'covers' for the volume in JPG format
  • A copy of the fan art that won our fan art contest in JPG format

The bonus story from Allen Turner is coming shortly after that and will be a separate download. We'll have a separate notification and download link for that story, which will come as a single PDF.

Once that happens, we'll be moving on to our next campaign for our new board game Wolves. For the handful of stragglers (a surprisingly small number of backers - thank you!) that haven't filled out your surveys  yet, we'll check back here monthly to see if you've completed them. Remember, you only have through August of this year to fill them out and then we'll consider your pledge abandoned.

I'm so excited to get these stories to you all. We've put a lot of love and effort into them and now we just need you to tell us all how these stories end.

Best wishes,
Connor Alexander
A Scene From "Whispers From The Well"





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