Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands

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about 1 year ago

Project Update: $100,000 And Add-Ons!

We just hit six figures!
Thank  you all for showing the Coyote & Crow team so much support and love. We're really excited to get these stories out to you and to start shipping out all the good things heading into our warehouse.

And - we're only $25,000 away from two more pieces of amazing cover art and an additional story from Allen Turner!

We've had quite a few people ask about our pledge levels and adding on specific items. So I wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things and explain your options.

First, this campaign is about Stories of the Free Lands and it's what we're crowdfunding for. So there are no pledge levels that don't include it.

With that said, you can back at any level you like at $20 or higher and you'll gain access to our pledge manager after the campaign is over. What that allows you to do is to add on any number of specific physical items (2 copies of our core rulebook, an extra copy of Naasii, whatever you'd like really).

How does that work? Let's say you pledge at the "Story Bundle & Naasii" level ($60) but you also know you want an extra copy of Naasii as a gift. How would you do that?

Two ways: - First, you could pledge $80. Then when it comes time to do your pledge management after the campaign is over, you can assign that extra $20 to a copy of Naasii. Easy Peasy. This also has the added benefit of helping us reach our stretch goals. - Second, you could just pledge $60. And when the pledge management roles around after the campaign, you can tack on another copy of Naasii and you'll just be charged an extra $20.

"But, wait," you might say. "How do I know how much individual items cost?" Here you go!

  • Each copy of Naasii: $20

  • Each copy of the Story Guide Screen: $25

  • Each copy of QWorkshop custom dice: $30

  • Each copy of Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying Game: $70

I apologize if this caused any confusion for anyone. The goal here was to create fewer pledge levels and to base them around what we thought were going to be the "typical" needs and wants of folks. For our last campaign we added on a number of pledge levels during the campaign and it caused some confusion for folks who weren't sure what they were supposed to be getting. 

Connor and the team

Goal: $125,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!





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