Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

user avatar image for Stacie
6 months ago

Thanks so much! Soo excited!!

thank YOU!

user avatar image for Aurora
6 months ago

Filled the survey! I honestly can't wait to hear about the shipment method that will be used, as i am outside the US it's something that scares me a bit ahah

I typically use USPS to ship, what works best for you?

user avatar image for Michelle
6 months ago

Just filled the form! So excited! Thank goodness for Insta ads or I would’ve missed this! Aaah! :D

thank you! those ads helped out a ton haha

user avatar image for Allyson French
6 months ago

I don't usually spend money on bags but these designs were just too cute. I'm so glad now that I saw the ad for this on Instagram. I can't wait for my chicken bag, thank you for creating something amazing <3

thank you so much! I've been using the sample I have of my chicken bag pretty regularly haha

user avatar image for Raquel Pidal
6 months ago

Hi! I'm so excited that you got funding for this project! Question: I initially only pledged for one bag. If I want to purchase additional bags, will that be possible? And if so, when will it be possible to add on those purchases? (I apologize if you answered these questions elsewhere and I missed them--I am new to Backerkit and still figuring out how to navigate it and find info.) Thank you, and congrats on reaching your goals on this adorable project! :)

user avatar image for Trisha Epperson
6 months ago

I have this same question :)

You can add on as many items as you like during the survey step!

user avatar image for Kayleen
6 months ago

Super excited to be a part of this. I NEVER buy purses nor use them but I WILL now haha. If we were going to change addresses (but don't know exactly where yet), will the survey address be adjustable? Or would I be able to contact you directly when I find my new address?

You will be able to edit your address for a while, I won't lock them until much later when I'm ready to ship in fall since so many people tend to move over the summer. If you need to change after addresses are locked, then you can reach out to me!

user avatar image for Rebecca Castellon
6 months ago

I'm very eggscited for this bag and wallet 💜

i'm scrambling to get them all ordered lolol

user avatar image for Ashley
6 months ago

Thanks for the update! I found these bags via a Facebook ad and I clicked it several different times on several different days until I finally caved and ordered one! Now I regret not doing it sooner... as I need that wormy pin! I'll be ordering one of those too if possible. Can't wait to wear my new flamingo bag to our local zoo and aviary!

I'll have the worms as add-ons :) and if you manage to get a photo of the flamingo bag with real flamingos in the background you HAVE to post it and tag me lol

user avatar image for Anonymous Finch #1984335
6 months ago

Thank you for your hard work!

thank you for recognizing my hard work! it can be a lot!

user avatar image for Maya McMullen
6 months ago

Any idea when we'll get a look at a chickadee sample? He is just too cute!!!

2-4 weeks! I'm currently throwing A LOT of stuff at my bag manufacturer so I want to make sure they have enough time.