Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

user avatar image for Ivien
5 months ago

I signed up for newsletter before campaign but the email is different then my backerkit one. Can I still get free feather pin somehow?

user avatar image for Jim
5 months ago

In pictures there are multiple colors shown for the acrylic chain straps, however when I filled out my survey I only had black and white options. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but are those an option or were they scrapped?

user avatar image for Selena Alexander
5 months ago

For the duck bag, on the survey add on for the wing inserts, I saw it said the grey insert is for the duck, but the pictures show that it has a green insert. Is there a way to choose green or grey?

I'm going to handle this on a case by case basis! I will message everyone who got a duck bag later on and get their preference. Putting this info in my next update.

user avatar image for Zuzanna Cichocka
5 months ago

Hi! Will we be able to add any add-ons to our pledge at a later time?:)

You can add things until the end of the month when I will lock the orders!

user avatar image for Katja
5 months ago

Hi, have all surveys been sent out already? Haven't gotten my e-mail yet (also checked the spam folder).

Hey! Yes all survey should be sent now, if you don't see yours in an email you can copy/paste this link to access your survey -

user avatar image for Aurora
5 months ago

Just filled out my survey! It was difficult as my bird kept on trying to murder my fingers, but I managed ahah! I actually have a couple question, have I already been charged, or the funds will be taken from my card at a later moment? I checked my card's movements list but i cannot see that i have actually paid for it. And lastly, I have added my address but it also gave me a "more accurate" one, what should I use? One is in italian while the other one is international and written in english

You have already been charged for your pledge level, but will not be charged until August 1st for shipping and any add-ons. I'll be using Backerkit Shipping to ship everything, so the "more accurate" one it gave you is probably what the shipping software will prefer.

user avatar image for Katelynn Olney
5 months ago

Hi again. Before I confirm, I just want to be sure I didn't miss it as an option: is there a way to pick a different strap/insert for our bags without buying a separate one? I really want a black strap for my bluejay bag but I didnt see the option and I'm at the confirm screen now - definitely don't want to have missed the option! Thank you so much c:

Hey! Each bag comes with its matching strap/insert, then any others would need to be add-ons

user avatar image for Allyson French
5 months ago

Is there an option I am just not seeing to add the feather pin to those who signed up for emails? I may be wrong but I thought there was a post that said that.

It should automatically be in your cart if I had your email prior to the campaign start / if you were a previous backer

user avatar image for marceline kyle
5 months ago

i cannot explain the unmirrored, unparalleled, and unrivaled sense of pure unbridled joy i got filling out my survey at 2 a.m. and seeing the lumpy boy as an option for an add-on. needless to say, money well spent and he will be much loved. ♥︎☁︎

lmao I hope you enjoy my beautiful boy

user avatar image for Anonymous Finch #1984335
5 months ago

Will we be able to add more Keychains after we see the designs for them all?

I'm just doing these 4 for now, sorry! I did not have time to get more designs finalized.