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Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

2 ALL NEW designs to vote on & Pigeon pizza party freebies!
4 months ago
by Corviforms

We did it! We hit 100k which means I can bring you TWO NEW bird ita bag designs along with their very own pins. 

Narrowing it down to the top 6 from all the birds in the world was hard enough, so I need your input again: which 2 of the 6 that I've designed do you want to see become reality?

Vote Here! 

6 of them! WHO will be PRESIDENT of BIRDS?


Pigeon Pizza Party!

I also wanted to mention that me and Jason Furie of Pizza Pinz have done some pizza-pigeon collaboration and created two awesome new pins that you can get for free. Back Bird Ita Bags  and Pizza Pinz and you'll get one pigeon pizza party pin from each of us!

Egg Wallets

Egg wallet samples are completed for 4/5 colors! All colors are unlocked and are available in either your pledge tier or as an add-on. They are $25 each whether they are part of a pledge or added on later during the survey.
I also now have an even better video of how they will work here on my twitter featuring the quail egg.

Imagine someone commenting on your bag, only for you to PULL AN EGG WALLET OUT OF YOUR BIRD BAG?! anyway, this is my dream lol.

Once again I am asking you, please continue to share this project on social media -shares, retweets, and posts about this project are vital! Know birders? People who just love eggs? Reddit subs that might be interested? Anything that you can do helps and I appreciate it.

Thanks for helping make this project a success!

- Rachel / @Corviforms

PS. Any questions? feel free to comment here or reach out on one of my socials. I'm also easy to reach via Telegram and I've just created a new Telegram channel for updates and streaming-
user avatar image for Ashley
4 months ago

Regardless of which ones win, please please please keep making more options in the future for your online store! I would kill for an eastern wild turkey bag in this style! Doveys are some of my favorite birds but they are very plain colored, so I had to vote for my colorful favorite (conure) and my boyfriend's favorite (quail). The turkey vulture is too cute for your not to make though. I think we really just need them all honestly.

user avatar image for Alexandra
4 months ago

The mourning dove!!!

user avatar image for ulysses
4 months ago

voted turkey vulture...i really want it to win! looks like such a goober i love it

user avatar image for Blondiesundae
4 months ago

Keeping fingers crossed for green cheek, my birb needs to be made in to everything

user avatar image for Samantha G
4 months ago

When will we know which bags have won the poll? ❤️

user avatar image for Coli Unger
4 months ago

I absolutely love these. I am gutted there wasn't a plain white goose but these designs are fantastic. The quail makes my heart sing!

I will keep all the others in mind for future stuff! I'm glad lots of people are liking the quail :)

user avatar image for Tarynn Tvo
4 months ago

I live in California and I wanted Quails and Mourning Doves soooo bad! Can you imagine a quail bag with the speckled egg wallet‽‽‽ I’m dying! Hope Quail wins at least 🤞🏽We also get a lot of turkey vultures, although all of the bags are adorbs!! Quails just hit home for me, literally 💛

Quail is in the lead!

user avatar image for Angela Vogel-Orton
4 months ago

Pledged to both.....'za n birbs!

woohoo!! thank you :D

user avatar image for Fayth
4 months ago

Can you show a video of an egg in the bag?

I will as soon as I get the egg samples! they are shipping to me very soon

user avatar image for Emily Bice
4 months ago

Vultures are my FAVORITE birds I'm so happy turkey vultures is an option 😭 I work with birds and vultures and so important to me!

I love vultures very much! I hope that even if this one doesn't get chosen I can find a way to make one in the future.