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Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

2 ALL NEW designs to vote on & Pigeon pizza party freebies!
6 months ago
by Corviforms

We did it! We hit 100k which means I can bring you TWO NEW bird ita bag designs along with their very own pins. 

Narrowing it down to the top 6 from all the birds in the world was hard enough, so I need your input again: which 2 of the 6 that I've designed do you want to see become reality?

Vote Here! 

6 of them! WHO will be PRESIDENT of BIRDS?


Pigeon Pizza Party!

I also wanted to mention that me and Jason Furie of Pizza Pinz have done some pizza-pigeon collaboration and created two awesome new pins that you can get for free. Back Bird Ita Bags  and Pizza Pinz and you'll get one pigeon pizza party pin from each of us!

Egg Wallets

Egg wallet samples are completed for 4/5 colors! All colors are unlocked and are available in either your pledge tier or as an add-on. They are $25 each whether they are part of a pledge or added on later during the survey.
I also now have an even better video of how they will work here on my twitter featuring the quail egg.

Imagine someone commenting on your bag, only for you to PULL AN EGG WALLET OUT OF YOUR BIRD BAG?! anyway, this is my dream lol.

Once again I am asking you, please continue to share this project on social media -shares, retweets, and posts about this project are vital! Know birders? People who just love eggs? Reddit subs that might be interested? Anything that you can do helps and I appreciate it.

Thanks for helping make this project a success!

- Rachel / @Corviforms

PS. Any questions? feel free to comment here or reach out on one of my socials. I'm also easy to reach via Telegram and I've just created a new Telegram channel for updates and streaming-
user avatar image for bluespark
6 months ago

Hi! What tier do you have to be at to get the free pizza pins from you & Jason? Is there a certain amount you need to pledge to Jason, or to you, to get that reward?

Any tier works! No minimum amount

user avatar image for Karylana
6 months ago

Also is there a way for me to show that I have backed both projects? It shows me that I have but I'm not sure how it will show both of you.

Backerkit is going to keep track for us and let us know :)

user avatar image for Karylana
6 months ago

I have already pledged but I can change it and add the wallet or I can just add it on as an add on after. It wouldn't allow me to click on mult bags and the wallet so I picked mult bags since it was more. I just assumed that I would add it as an add on later but that doesn't really help you plan on how many to make does it?

Add it on at the end! That's the best way to do it. I won't have complete counts for everything (colors/designs) until the surveys get filled out anyways.

user avatar image for Laura Blake
6 months ago

Can we add the egg wallets on yet to another tier? Or will that be at the end?

you can add them on at the end! I wanted to keep from having way too many tier options.

user avatar image for Becky O'Rourke
6 months ago

Well shoot, now I need to back the pizza pins too. So excited.

woohoo! hope you enjoy pigeon pizza party

Hi! Will there be a way to get the pizza pigeons otherwise too? backing a whole another US based project would set me back a lot in taxes, but I love those pins so much!

I think we can figure out a way to include them as add-ons!

user avatar image for Ayzee
6 months ago

I'm from the PNW. A part of me so very much needs the chickadee.

Chickadee is in 2nd place right now so it looks like it will get made! :D

user avatar image for Emma
6 months ago

If you add any more I want to see a cockatoo, literally any kind!! They're my all time favorite birds, they hold such a special place in my heart 💕

user avatar image for Deon
6 months ago

Same here!! In one of the surveys I put a galah, little sad it didn't make the cut but it was up against some tough competition. I'm very please with the options

user avatar image for Sara Jane
6 months ago

If the green cheek is an option at the end... I will probably change my pledge. To 2 bags. Lol I have 7 parrots, including a cockatiel and 2 GCCs. I can't be forced to pick one or the other!

That is quite the flock! GCC is currently in 3rd place so there is a chance. if not I'll have to include it in a future project.

Absolutely NEED the green cheek conure, I have a green cheek of my own and I'd love to have an ita bag of his species 💕

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