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Quail & Chickadee samples are here! also - waist bag straps?
2 months ago
by Corviforms
Hey Everyone,

Chickadee & Quail samples have arrived! They look and feel great, I'm really happy with how these two turned out. If the images sway you one way or the other, you are still able to make changes to your survey and add-ons until the end of July when I will lock orders.
Quail & Chickadee Join the Flock

I took a bunch of photos, so if you want to see more of these two bags you can check them out here -

Also, I'd like to offer fanny pack/waist bag straps to go with your bags if you're interested! They are adjustable from about 38 to 61 inches including the connecting clip hardware and the bag.  They are 1.5 inches wide and made of a sturdy nylon material - kind of feel like a softer version of a seatbelt. So, now you can edit your survey add-ons to add these straps for $6 each if you'd like them!
I'll get a photo of myself wearing one soon...

Speaking of Surveys...
Thank you to the 90% of backers who have completed the survey! If you're one of the 200+ people who have not yet completed the survey, please make sure that you do that by the end of the month when I will be locking surveys to get final item counts. If you DID NOT receive an email with your survey, make sure to check your spam folder. You can also access the survey via this link and your email address:

Charging Cards
Your cards have already been charged for your pledge amount, but will be charged for shipping and any add-ons you've chosen on August 1st. There will be an email notification 2 days prior to cards charging in case you need to update any information/payment methods.

Pin Manufacturing
Pins are well underway and many are already completed! They should get to me in about 2 weeks. Any orders that contain ONLY pins, stickers, and keychains (nothing coming from the bag manufacturer) should be ready to ship out by the end of August!

a selection of pins I got photos of today

Bag Manufacturing
All bags except for the Quail & Chickadee (which I needed to check samples for first) are paid for and scheduled for manufacturing. I will order the last 2 designs in about a week. I've asked my manufacturer to send me progress photos so that I can keep you all updated. Will be sharing those as we wait 2-4 months for things to be completed and shipped to me. I've staggered ordering so I can handle the amounts (and, honestly, to hedge my bets with cargo shipping). You can check on the main page under the top "Current Status" section to see what was ordered when and all my status nonsense.

So, things are chugging along :)
Talk to ya later!
- Rachel 
user avatar image for Ash
2 months ago

These are so adorable I am so excited! How does the bags look when they become fanny packs? Does it look cute/natural or is it kind of awkward?

I'll try to get a photo soon! they look pretty good!

user avatar image for Merissa
2 months ago

How do I add the "Pizza Pinz" special pin to my cart without costing extra? I pledged both campaigns to get the free pins.

The pizza pigeon pins won't be shown in your cart right now, but we will add them during fulfillment

user avatar image for Em Gunter
2 months ago

Have you determined how duck backers can indicate a green insert?

I have an estimated 120 duck orders at the moment, so I've decided it will just be easier to send everyone who ordered a duck both green and grey inserts!

user avatar image for Catfeather
2 months ago

Thank you for the pictures! They're both super cute, though I admit I was kind of expecting the chickadee to be grey, rather than cream. Probably a silly question, but how resistant are the bags to stains and scuffs and such? Like, if I accidentally set it down and it got dirty, would it be relatively easy to wipe clean? I might have to (quickly) rethink which bag to get, just because I don't want to accidentally ruin it (I tend to have bad luck with this sort of thing, alas). ^^;

I considered dark grey for the bag material, but thought screenprinting large white and tan areas onto it might not work well. They tend to be pretty resistant and easy to clean off! I've used general cleaning wet wipes for bags I've used and haven't had any issues with scuffs or damaging screenprinting or anything. The part of the bags that is most likely to be affected by scrapes would be the clear window, but that has held up well with my crow bag that I've used consistently for the past year!

user avatar image for Catfeather
2 months ago

Thank you so much for the reply! It's reassuring to hear they hold up so nicely to wear and tear; I'll definitely be sticking with the chickadee! ♥

user avatar image for Breanna Brashears
2 months ago

Added two fanny straps to my order! Thanks for adding more and more cool stuff!

user avatar image for Maggie Lutz
2 months ago

AHHHHH I am so glad I selected a quail when I did because the sample is even fucking cuter than the image! And the idea of waist straps is a WONDERFUL addition! I’d love that idea!

user avatar image for bluespark
2 months ago

The waist bag straps are an awesome idea! I just added one of each color :D

user avatar image for Liza
2 months ago

fanny pack strap is making me soooo tempted to order a second bag.......

user avatar image for Rachael Fastige
2 months ago

Hey, I know you didn't go through with the mourning dove bag, but I was wondering if you will offer pins still? I work in rehab and just lost a mourning dove baby ):

Not at the moment but I will do a lot more bird pins in the future! Sorry to hear about the baby :(

user avatar image for Milk
2 months ago

Why do I have to pay shipping again if I want a strap? Is it not coming with the bag?

user avatar image for Liza
2 months ago

I believe it will be added to the order with the bag, so you won't have to pay shipping twice!

You should not have to pay any more for shipping if you edit your pledge to add on an extra strap. Everything ships together.