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Campaign is complete- What now? & Help me by filling out a form!
6 months ago
by Corviforms
Hey everyone,

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting this project! I am awestruck by the numbers we were able to reach.

What happens now?

Please read through this update and check the campaign page if you have any questions! It can be difficult to respond to everyone individually. 

Today, cards will be charged for your pledge level. 

If there is an issue with your card, Backerkit will notify you to fix it. 

In 1-2 weeks, you will receive the BackerKit Survey where you choose your items, pay for shipping, and provide your address. 

This takes time to set up properly and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly when I hit send. Shipping will be based on weight of the packages, and will be at or below the estimated values listed on the campaign page- if you're not sure about shipping costs please check there. I will be waiting a few days for payments to come through and I am also still in the process of finalizing some designs so I can offer you all as many fun different add-ons as possible.


I will get manufacturing going on some items this week, once I get a little feedback from you (see below). I need to wait for the funds to come into my account to be able to start the majority of the manufacturing!
Pins take 6-8 weeks, wallets and bags will take 3-4 months. Here is a reminder of my projected timeline:

An ask for you... Please fill out this Google Form to help me plan!

If I can get at least half of the backers to fill out this form, I can get manufacturing going on several items now. I will be doing my manufacturing in waves so that I can better handle each shipment when it arrives.

Other Stuff:
- Egg wallet samples are scheduled to arrive at my house today or tomorrow, so I'll be sharing photos of those soon
- Additional Pin and Sticker/Keychain designs will be shared as soon as I finish them
- A Preorder Store will open for those who missed the campaign in the next week or so

Thank you, thank you!
I will do my best to provide updates here at every step of the way. but you can follow along at @Corviforms on Twitter for more frequent updates. 

Rachel / @Corviforms
user avatar image for Raquel Pidal
6 months ago

Hi! I'm so excited that you got funding for this project! Question: I initially only pledged for one bag. If I want to purchase additional bags, will that be possible? And if so, when will it be possible to add on those purchases? (I apologize if you answered these questions elsewhere and I missed them--I am new to Backerkit and still figuring out how to navigate it and find info.) Thank you, and congrats on reaching your goals on this adorable project! :)

user avatar image for Trisha Epperson
6 months ago

I have this same question :)

You can add on as many items as you like during the survey step!

user avatar image for Allyson French
6 months ago

I don't usually spend money on bags but these designs were just too cute. I'm so glad now that I saw the ad for this on Instagram. I can't wait for my chicken bag, thank you for creating something amazing <3

thank you so much! I've been using the sample I have of my chicken bag pretty regularly haha

user avatar image for Michelle
6 months ago

Just filled the form! So excited! Thank goodness for Insta ads or I would’ve missed this! Aaah! :D

thank you! those ads helped out a ton haha

user avatar image for Aurora
6 months ago

Filled the survey! I honestly can't wait to hear about the shipment method that will be used, as i am outside the US it's something that scares me a bit ahah

I typically use USPS to ship, what works best for you?

user avatar image for Stacie
6 months ago

Thanks so much! Soo excited!!

thank YOU!

user avatar image for marceline kyle
6 months ago

can't wait to see this process as it goes along !! pigeons are my favorite animal and i've been dying to get a quality ita bag for a while now. first time backing anything ever and i'm so excited ♥︎♥︎♥︎ just an fyi: found this via instagram ads and i've never clicked an ad so fast !!

hahah im so glad to hear this!

user avatar image for staus
6 months ago

I'm torn between the classic brown egg and the blue speckled so i selected both. Just don't know if I'll choose one or give in and buy both, i'm sorry!! 🙈 By the way, will it be possible to add on a pin from your animorphs set? I want that lil blue box afterall, but no problem if that'd make things too tricky!

I'm going to try to include pretty much all the pins I have as options for add-ons during the survey - which is part of why its taking me a while to put it together haha. Ill try to get all the animorphs in there!

user avatar image for Magalee
6 months ago

Thanks for the update - very helpful!


user avatar image for Chelsey Satterfield
6 months ago

The survey will also allow us to chose the add-ons right, like the acrylic chains? ^_^ Will the egg wallet perhaps be apart of that?

Yes! you can add on either of those items, and you'll see a lot more there too :)

user avatar image for Milk
6 months ago

Filled out the survey! Dying to get my seagull bag lmao

thank you!! will be a bit of a wait but it will be worth it :)

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