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Bird Ita Bags & Accessories

Campaign is complete- What now? & Help me by filling out a form!
6 months ago
by Corviforms
Hey everyone,

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting this project! I am awestruck by the numbers we were able to reach.

What happens now?

Please read through this update and check the campaign page if you have any questions! It can be difficult to respond to everyone individually. 

Today, cards will be charged for your pledge level. 

If there is an issue with your card, Backerkit will notify you to fix it. 

In 1-2 weeks, you will receive the BackerKit Survey where you choose your items, pay for shipping, and provide your address. 

This takes time to set up properly and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly when I hit send. Shipping will be based on weight of the packages, and will be at or below the estimated values listed on the campaign page- if you're not sure about shipping costs please check there. I will be waiting a few days for payments to come through and I am also still in the process of finalizing some designs so I can offer you all as many fun different add-ons as possible.


I will get manufacturing going on some items this week, once I get a little feedback from you (see below). I need to wait for the funds to come into my account to be able to start the majority of the manufacturing!
Pins take 6-8 weeks, wallets and bags will take 3-4 months. Here is a reminder of my projected timeline:

An ask for you... Please fill out this Google Form to help me plan!

If I can get at least half of the backers to fill out this form, I can get manufacturing going on several items now. I will be doing my manufacturing in waves so that I can better handle each shipment when it arrives.

Other Stuff:
- Egg wallet samples are scheduled to arrive at my house today or tomorrow, so I'll be sharing photos of those soon
- Additional Pin and Sticker/Keychain designs will be shared as soon as I finish them
- A Preorder Store will open for those who missed the campaign in the next week or so

Thank you, thank you!
I will do my best to provide updates here at every step of the way. but you can follow along at @Corviforms on Twitter for more frequent updates. 

Rachel / @Corviforms
user avatar image for Katelyn Jean
6 months ago

Thanks for the update! I filled out the form :)

Thank you!! I appreciate it :D

user avatar image for Arizinna
6 months ago

So excited! I've been holding off getting a new bag to find a cute one that makes me happy. These look amazing and I can't wait to get the survey to pick my designs! 😍

It makes me happy that my designs can make people happy :D thank you!

user avatar image for StaciesPlace
6 months ago

Thanks for the update. Just filled out the link. I hope the months go quickly so I can get my cockatiel bag!

Thank you so much!! I can't wait to have a house full of bird bags haha

user avatar image for Ash
6 months ago

I have a question! What if there are several designs we are interested in, but are still unsure on which one we want? Are we allowed to select all of the ones we are interested in or would you like us to pick what would be our first choice?

I'd say pick whatever you think you're most likely to get/current top choice. Doesn't matter much if a few people change their mind :)

user avatar image for Stasi
6 months ago

Thank you for keeping us all updated so quickly! I was definitely wondering all this myself when the project ended, so very grateful for a speedy answer! This is my first time ever pledging to something, and it's been a very delightful experience so far! ^^

I had a feeling i was going to get a whole lot of messages real quick if I didn't send this update haha. I'll try to continue the good communication!

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