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Surveys Soon, New Pin Designs, & Manufacturing updates!
3 months ago
by Corviforms

Hey everyone!

I was hoping to have surveys out to you early this week but it will be few more days to make sure they are running smoothly. Unfortunately, I was not on vacation last week and was instead extremely sick and unable to do much at all :( No big delays though, I'm almost fully recovered and enjoying the time sitting at my desk getting everything ready. I'll start sending the first surveys in the next week or so.

There is still about $7000 in errored pledges - if you had an issue with your payment method please fix it when you get a chance.
I can't count my chickens before they're... uh... paid...

Pins Update

I've finalized designs for the Blue Jay, Chickadee, and Quail enamel pins:
3 new challengers appear

I've also finished some Baby Bird minipin designs that will be available as add-ons :)
chewed gum vs cotton balls

Bag Manufacturing Update

- Chickadee & Quail samples have been ordered, it will be a few weeks until I have product photos
- Bulk Order has been officially placed for the first subset of bags! This includes Crow, Chicken, Cockatiel, Zebra Finch, and Flamingo.
(I am staggering orders by a week or two each to keep things manageable and lower risk involved with shipping overseas)
- Egg wallet order and initial pin order will be placed within the next couple weeks
- Remaining bags will be ordered over the next month

Any questions? I'll try to answer!

Rachel / Corviforms

PS. I will be dealing at Anthrocon (Dealers Den table L15) this upcoming weekend! 
user avatar image for Baillie
3 months ago

would you happen to know if backerkit alerts you if your payment didn't process correctly? i paid with a gift card and i'm not sure how to check my payment... and in a similar vein, would it be okay to add a secondary payment method to cover shipping, when the time comes for that? sorry for all the questions!

Backerkit would have emailed you if there was an error. You should be able to add secondary payment when the surveys are sent!

user avatar image for Diana Shatswell
3 months ago

Baby Parrot!! I do wish the African Grey bag had made the cut for production. Hopefully we'll see that sometime in the future.

It has been highly requested so I will absolutely consider it for future projects!

user avatar image for CatsWithBacon
3 months ago

Chewed gum vs cotton balls. 😂 So scientific! LOL

user avatar image for Maren Madigan
3 months ago

I honestly love every one of these updates 😭

user avatar image for Kailyn R Ekstrom
3 months ago

I’m so tempted to get a pelican pin. They’re so ugly I love them.

user avatar image for Froggie
3 months ago

With the minipin addons, will those be in addition to the free chick? Is the minipin chick addon the same as the free one?

these are in addition to the free chick! the free one is smaller and a different design. Any of these new babies will be addons.

user avatar image for Karylana
3 months ago

Just to confirm you haven't sent out the survey have you? I ask because since the pledge you have had quite a few things happen that literally having me wanting to spend another $150 or more. Really... I just feel like now if I buy someone a purse and a wallet as a gift (I'm giving two people these amazing gifts) they won't realize they are ment to be used to collect awesome pins unless I get them a corresponding pin. Originally, only I was going to be getting one of each and now I'm fairly sure I'm getting more . But then you created such amazing add on's I'm literally dying over here because I love so many. Have you considered creating a package that is made up of all of the corresponding items. Purse, wallet, pin, and keychain?

Surveys will be sent in about a week. To keep things from getting to complicated when packing items I'm avoiding creating "bundles" of stuff but I am keeping prices as low as possible for all individual items!

user avatar image for staus
3 months ago

Omg those babby birbs. How can I pass up those sweet little gums 😂🥰 I wish I could go to those amazing huge US cons!

user avatar image for Samantha Scott
3 months ago

Ajxususj babies 🥺 so cute! Didn't realize you were close enough to me to be at Anthro! If you have free time, the National Aviary is super close to the convention center.

I'm on the other side of the state, but I've been going every year! I usually hit up the aviary while I'm there too - or Phipps conservatory or the zoo/aquarium!

user avatar image for Austin
3 months ago

Just checked my payment and it went through on my bank account and the amount was correct. Hopefully I'm all good then. Hopefully the rest will resolve soon too! I love the baby duck pin! Def going to have to get that one!