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Surveys Sending Today!
5 months ago
by Corviforms

Hey all! Exciting day for us - it's time for you to make your choices!


I will be sending the surveys today for you to make your choices, pay for shipping, and add on any additional items you might want!

First, I will be sending out the "smoke test" this morning (9AM EST) which is a test run sending the survey to a random 5% of backers. I will be on standby if there are any issues that need to be fixed!

Once the survey proves functional from the test, it will go out to ALL backers! As long as there are no major issues, I expect to send the survey to everyone later on today (Tues, Jul 5th).

Please complete the survey as soon as you are able! This way I can get final numbers and have production underway for everyone.

Moving? No problem! I will not lock addresses until I am ready to ship. This means you will be able to edit your address for some time. You will get a warning before addresses are locked. 

Choosing Your Stuff:

Here is a link to ALL my bag photos on google drive in case you want to take a closer look at each design and see them from multiple angles:

lots of angles, insides & outsides

The only difference from these photos is that the Duck bag will have a GREY wing as the green wing was a manufacturing error - green was intended for the inside of the bag only. The green wing color pictured will also be available as add-on if you prefer. 


Production for the Quail and Chickadee samples is still underway, I will share pictures as soon as I get them.
All pins and 4 bag designs are now in mass production, and I will get the Egg wallets and more bag designs started in the next couple days when I get some surveys finalized. 

Happy choosing!

- Rachel / Corviforms
user avatar image for Leslie
5 months ago

the link seems to only go to a single picture, not the whole album. thanks for the update!

user avatar image for Jack C.
5 months ago

Seconded lol 😆👍

user avatar image for Erika L
5 months ago

Egg-citing! Will all the TBA pin designs be available to look at in the drive also, to determine which add ons we want?

Pin pics will all be in the survey, also fixed the drive link!

user avatar image for rysonbran
5 months ago

Looks like we’re all having the same issue with the google drive link 😅

user avatar image for Tim Gessler
5 months ago

Hey Rachel, unfortunately I only get access to one photo of three beautiful bags. Do you know if that's me or the link? Cheers, Tim

user avatar image for Marilyn Bane
5 months ago

Nope I have the same thing. I think it's because the link is to a single file and not a folder.

Fixed it!

user avatar image for Milk
5 months ago

I don't know if it's just me, but I can't access the Google drive

user avatar image for Milo
5 months ago

The link to the Google drive photos only goes to one photo

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